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Wainwright Wedding Watch: Ted and Minhee


Wainwright Wedding bride

Here are a couple wedding shots and a video from "Ted and Minhee"'s wedding at Rye's Wainwright house. From their videographer's web site:

"There was slightly more than a breeze when Ted and Minhee exchanged vows at the on the banks of the pond at the Wainwright House in Rye this fall. The officiant sped up the proceedings in order to make sure that no one blew away, but that didn't stop the couple from having an amazing day with friends and family."

Wainwright Wedding tie on head

(PHOTO: It's getting late. And there is a tie on your forehead…)



  1. Looks like that was one fun wedding, with a crowd full of beautiful people. I was surprised to see the guests were mostly young and Asian. Where were all the old people? And don’t these people believe in diversity??


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