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Jim & Ted’s Weather Report: Massive Snow Drifts at Crosswalks

Jim Amico and Ted Carroll continued their excellent snow adventure this weekend, clearing cross walks and other snow bound passages.

Jan 29 2011 - Milton & Palisade City Plowings Deep on the crosswalk14

Here is one of the observations from Carroll: "This crosswalk corner was partially cleared but still impassable by city plowings into what was apparently the homeowners shoveled trail. As in our previous session, here we found a snaky snow trail up and over the city plowings requiring children to scale a 3 foot ice and snow pile and then slide down it into potentially moving traffic to cross Palisade from south to north. A very busy and potentially dangerous intersection to begin without any snow piles or blocked site lines. This was quite disturbing to find in this condition more than 48 hours after the storm."

Call Jim Amico if you want to pitch in and help.



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