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Knicks Coach, Rye Basketball Coach in NY Times

Back in 2008, New York Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni bought a spec house on Apawamis Avenue in Rye.

What you may not know is his son plays for the Rye High basketball team and D'Antoni often joins other parents to watch the games. The New York Times ran a great story on D'Antoni and Rye High School basketball coach Chris DiCintio in Wednesday's paper:

"“I’ll be honest with you, there have been times I’m out there with the kids and the coach of the Knicks is sitting over there watching and the whole thing is a little surreal,” DiCintio said. “It would be like a kid meeting Amar’e Stoudemire. But the thing is, I never feel uncomfortable, or like he’s judging me.”

If coaching Mike D’Antoni’s son is not pressure enough, DiCintio starts two frontcourt players with Hall of Fame genes. Chris and Max Twyman are grandsons of Jack Twyman, inducted in 1983 for his 11 N.B.A. seasons with the Royals in Rochester and Cincinnati…

When D’Antoni took the Knicks job in 2008, he consulted with Rod Thorn, who lived in Rye while working for the league office and later the Nets, and sent his children to the public schools. Last season, the younger D’Antoni’s freshman year, DiCintio stayed for a junior-varsity game after the varsity’s and was leaving the gym when a man walking alongside him said, “Hey, Coach.”

DiCintio returned the greeting and looked away. “Then I realized it was the coach of the Knicks,” he said. His point was that D’Antoni’s son joined his program without his famous father having to make a grand entrance or statement."


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