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Rye FOIL: The Game

Recently Rye Mayor French reported the city would be revising the city FOIL procedures in his letter to citizens. Much has been made of all the FOIL requests made by former Rye City cop and council candidate Tim Chittenden.

So trivia fans…

Of the approximately 100 FOIL requests each year made to Rye City, how many of these FOIL requests came from Chittenden in 2010?

We'll run the answer Wednesday. Tim Chittenden has provided the answer. MyRye.com has tried confirming the number with Rye City but there has been no reply.

Freedom of Information Law
As part of the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), the City is reviewing how to make FOIL requests easier for the public to request information and also easier for staff to transact. The City gets about 100 requests per year — the majority of which are labor intensive. The City is incorporating electronic technology and reviewing procedures to make the process more efficient.

  1. Why does the number of Foil requests matter….shouldn’t the number of Foil requests denied/ignored and not followed according to NYS LAW matter more?

    Hey Jay, how about you do a trivia on “How many of Mr. Chittenden’s Foil Requests are denied/ignored by City Council and why”

    That is the real story here!!!

    Has anyone seen Franco lately? He must be milking that injury for all it’s worth! And Franco calls a fellow former Officer the crook?
    Hey, there is another great idea for a story….hmmmmmm?

  2. AboveAverag, last time I checked Tim was out for 7 years on injury and you compare that to being out 6 months as “milking”? Yeah I seen Franco, he will be in Rye Brooke next week on the 18th-19th testifying at deposition on the civil suit brought against Tim by the PBA membership. As for who the “Crook” is I think the District Attorney will be interested in what Tim has to say “on the record”. In the meanwhile Tim should take the “Turd” job from Tartaglione, cause the costume is in his size and he can pay back the PBA.

  3. LMAO….How is Franco making out with that 5mil law suit brought against him for that 18yr old he pummeled while in uniform?

    I maybe wrong on this but I doubt it….if I were a cop and I wanted to accuse a fellow officer of such a crime I would make sure I could actually prove it first….you Charlie Sheen impersonators need to get a grip!


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