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Rye Company to Burn LA Garbage

Green conversion systems company

Los Angeles produces 3,300 tons of garbage every day and under one scheme, a Rye based company will be responsible for  burning one third of it to produce energy.

Green Conversion Systems at 411 Theodore Fremd Avenue has begun contract negotiations with the city of LA, according to Biomass Power and Thermal Magazine (in case you did not read your current issue…):

"Although it’s still early in the planning process, Los Angeles has made a significant step forward in the development of a new waste-to-energy facility. The city recently announced it has begun contract negotiations with Rye, N.Y.-based Green Conversion Systems to design and build the plant…

Based upon the GCS technology, the facility would be capable of processing nearly 1,100 tons per day of post-recycled residential waste using a two-step system of preprocessing and advanced thermal recycling. During preprocessing, all waste entering the facility is sorted to remove recyclable materials such as plastics, metals and paper. The nonrecyclable waste is then sent to the ATR system, which converts 99 percent of it into electricity—enough to power more than 6,000 homes—and marketable byproducts…

Los Angeles has a goal of zero waste, called RENEW LA, and the new plant is part of the initiative."


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