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A Third Candidate for Keith Rye City Council Seat

It's beginning to smell like a contest…

A third candidate has tossed his hat into the proverbial ring to try and snap the appointed spot for the "Keith seat" on Rye City Council. Local real estate agent Jason Mehler has added is name for consideration. He joins Julie Killian of Forest Avenue and Charmian Neary of Midland Avenue.

The letter Mehler sent to the council today:

"Dear Mayor French and members of the Rye City Council,
My name is Jason L. Mehler and I would like you to consider me to fill the position on the Rye City Council vacated by Suzanna Keith.

As an 11 year resident of Rye, my family and I have become active residents of our adopted hometown. My wife, Carin, is a fourth grade teacher at Osborn School; I have worked locally since 2004 as an Associate Broker at Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty and our daughters Emily and Rachel are students at Milton School.

My background in economics – I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Accounting from SUNY at Plattsburgh and worked as a corporate controller for more than 15 years in Manhattan – will be a great addition in helping the council with its essential task of fiscal accountability. I have also worked in Public Accounting for M.R. Weiser & Company, CPA’s, Rosenblatt, Slavet and Radezsky,CPA’s, Weber, Lipsky & Co, CPA’s, Kass & Jaffe, CPA’s, as an auditor and accountant. Additionally, I have worked privately in the employment industry, payroll industry and specialized in internal accounting and taxation and finance.

I understand we must do more with less. Expenses continue to rise and we must think differently to balance our budget. I have a proven professional record of developing new ideas. In addition, my extensive real estate background would be beneficial to understanding many current issues before the council.

In 2011, I was appointed to the Rye Town Park Advisory Committee and have attended every meeting since. I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of Rye residents in this role.
I would like to immediately step into the position and assist wherever I can most be utilized. I am fully committed to doing everything possible to fill the position. I am looking forward to solving problems, making positive changes for the future of Rye and working with all members of the council.
Rye is a great place to live and to raise a family. I would consider it a privilege to serve on the Rye City Council. Thank you for your consideration and support.

Jason L. Mehler
Milton Road"


  1. Let me be the first to thank Jason Mehler for coming forward and offering to serve on the Rye City Council. The private sector skills Mahler possesses are certainly useful to any governing body and the breadth of his resume is impressive.
    I am heartened that he chose to emphasize his attendance record at the Rye Town Park advisory committee. It is one thing to be a member of a half dozen organizations, but being reliable and actually showing up consistently is the real mark of your commitment.
    I don’t know Mr. Mehler but I’m looking forward to meeting him.
    Please forgive me if this is poorly written. I am writing it between innings as my beloved Andy Pettitte is pitching. Come to think of it, the voters have a right to know whether or not Mehler is a Yankees fan. I’m frankly surprised he didn’t address that issue.

  2. I would think it might “smell like a contest” if it actually WAS a contest. It’s not. The fix is in.

    Mrs. Killian is to be handed the open seat on multiple pretexts so she can have an advantage in the fall campaign. The Rye Record newsroom just got a little ahead of themselves in telling everyone.

  3. Ted,

    After all that has been said & written will they continue their ways and appoint Killian and in doing so looking like the 2 faced liars they have become or will they give due process???

    It’s a shame Councilwoman Keith didn’t stick around long enough for what she created to unfold, I would have paid to see that well deserved bashing!!!


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