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July 4th Traffic Hell in Rye

The Rye PD sent out a traffic advisory today warning about traffic around the fireworks festivities at Rye Playland (time and other information here), but it was way too polite.

The MyRye.com traffic advisory:

On July 4th after 4 or 5pm, avoid Playland Parkway like the plague. If you really want to get yourself in trouble, try Exiting I-95 onto Playland Parkway at about 9pm, 30 minutes before the fireworks show. You'll be enjoying the exit ramp right around fireworks time.

With the Old Post Road bridge out that just adds another wrinkle not seen in years past.

Stay on the Boston Post Road to cross over Playland Parkway and use roads like Apawamis if you need to travel between the Post Road and the water.

Stay safe, and share any traffic avoidance advice you have by leaving a comment below.


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