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Boy Scout “Perversion Files” Hit Rye

In 1973, a Rye Fire Department Lieutenant was arrested for sodomizing a seven year old boy. Elwood Ferris was also the caretaker at the old Durland Scout Center on Milton Point.

The story of Ferris recently came to light as his is one of the thousands of "The Boy Scouts of America Ineligible Volunteer Files AKA the “Perversion Files” recently released.

Ferris Perversion Report Durland 1973

The internal and secret Boy Scout report on Ferrris (original report can be viewed here) said: "Job was being done satisfactorily, but – he was arrested on a charge of sodomy by the Rye, N.Y. police department involved with a 7 year old boy at his place of full time employment as a Lt. with the Rye Fire Department – and on that premises."

A recent article in LoHud:

"Boy Scout molestation files: More details emerge on local cases; Decades of records show 5,000 were accused of sexual abuse

…In 1973, 53-year-old Elwood Ferris of Rye, a caretaker at the Durland Scout Center, was recommended for a confidential file by a Hutchinson River Council scout official.

Ferris, a married father and Rye fire lieutenant, was arrested by Rye police and charged with sodomy. He was accused of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old boy at work. The outcome of the criminal case is unclear."


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