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Rye Playland Could Cost $12 Million to Fix Sandy Damage

LoHud.com recently reported it could cost as much as $12 million dollars to fix the damage to Rye Playland from Hurricane Sandy. The rides were relatively OK but the ice casino and boardwalk really got it:

"Because of the dangerous condition of the sections of the Playland boardwalk that were not swept away, the county is putting up a 6-foot fence to keep pedestrians out of the area. They’ve been climbing over the short fences, she said.

“We want to get it fixed as soon as possible,” O’Connor said.

Workers have cleaned out the ice casino at Playland, she said on Tuesday at a Board of Legislators committee meeting, but the boiler and cooling system were under four feet of water in the basement and must be fixed before the ice can be rebuilt or before the pipes have a chance to freeze. The rides emerged relatively unscathed but the wraught iron fencing is bent in from the force of the water.

“It just looks like a movie where a dinosaur came in and stepped on it,” she said.

Playland alone could cost $12 million to fix."

Read the entire piece.


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