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Packing Heat So You Can Bark… and Bite Too

His dog was the subject of an amorous advance by his building superintendent and now Rye resident Alan Kachalsky was a gun to protect himself.

That's right…

This week the US Supreme Court refused to hear a case on New York’s gun-carry licensing law. The case was brought by plaintiff and Rye resident Kachalsky. It was Kachalsky who discovered in 2012 his pet dog had been sodimized by his building superindendent Kujtim Nicaj (Nicaj was sent to the dog house in 2013).

From the Daily News:

"ALBANY — The Supreme Court stayed out of the nation’s raging gun control debate Monday and let stand New York’s strict limits on the carrying of concealed handguns.

The high court refused to take on a case brought by a group of Westchester residents and the Second Amendment Foundation challenging the state’s licensing laws as too restrictive.

“The gutless political appointees declined to hear the case, what a surprise,” said lead plaintiff Alan Kachalsky of Rye, N.Y.

Kachalsky and the other plaintiffs sought to overturn the requirement that license applicants demonstrate “proper cause” to carry a concealed weapon.

Kachalsky, however, said he will likely re-apply for a permit claiming a new need for self-defense. He recently testified against his building superintendent, who was convicted in January of breaking into Kachalsky’s apartment and having sex with his dog.

“There is a man in prison now, I put him there,” Kachalsky said. “When he gets out, he may not be happy with me.”

Kachalsky’s lawsuit had support from the National Rifle Association and 20 states."


  1. Jimmy I think Mr. Kachalsky’s “evidence” was the determinant. That nanny cam video he provided of the guy in the act with his dog must have been beyond disgusting. I personally hate guns but it is certainly Mr. Kachalsky’s right to protect himself and his family. And “gutless political appointees” are regrettably far from rare in these environs.

  2. True Ted, very true!
    It’s just that the whole gun thing is out of control and even just 1 more gun is a concern!

    Stray bullets have a funny way of landing where they were not attended & ruining another families life!!!


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