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Sack Will Run For Mayor

Rye City Councilman Joe Sack will run for Rye Mayor this November. No official announcement has been made, but Sack confirmed his plans to MyRye.com.

Read our interviews with Sack from 2007 when he first ran for council and a second interview from 2011.

What do you think of Sack's candidacy? Leave a comment below.

  1. What do I think? I think before we get to politics – knowing what we know now about the Rye Police Uniform Warranty Fraud – maybe all concerned here could watch this revealing 8 minute public video.


    “Low bidder.” “No conflict of interest.” “No collusion.” “He receives no financial benefit from the city.” “I’m not sure the specifics of his role.” “We don’t have the actual bids (here) do we?” “They are the low bidder in a competitively bid..” “Q: Does he have a close personal relationship with Mr. Connors? A: Not that I’m aware of.”

    “I move that we approve the bid as proposed by the city manager and the corporation council – Second – Roll Call – Councilwoman Brett: YES. – Councilman Filippi: YES. –
    Councilman Jovanovich: YES. – Councilwoman Killian. YES. – Councilwoman Parker: YES. – Councilman Sack: NO. – Mayor French: YES.

    “Adopted by a 6 to 1”(crosstalk – French & Sack) “You think it’s funny Doug – you laugh at that? I mean come on, that’s the whole problem here. No come on Joe please – its late, its midnight its – we’ve this is the third time that we’ve tried to do something – I mean you know that the camera is always on you and and it always picks up when you laugh and smile about things and – Joe Please – it’s not really appropriate – let’s not get personal now let’s move on with the agenda – I’m not being personal I’m noting you were laughing and smiling when I voted NO.” (Mr. Jovanovich – “ I’m so glad to know that you can laugh and smile – its good? OK? – slaps Mr. French on the back who replies “Really!”)


  2. Watching Rye TV last week, it was very disconcerting to see the snickering that came from the “center seat” directly after Sack’s “no” vote on the uniform bidding. This is not the environment I envisioned to raise my child in, and to watch him raise his children in. Therefore, rather than sitting back and complaining, I presently plan to run for a seat on the Rye City Council in November to give Rye back to its citizens.
    However, in doing so, I am a registered Democratic in New York and will not oppose Parker (I carried her petition in 2011 as I did for Castro for DA in 2009 as his Deputy Campaign Director), will not cross party lines and oppose Sack should he decide not to seek that mayorial seat (I did not carry his 2007 or 2011 petition, but I did vote for him), and running as an Independent is currently being explored.
    I am the CEO of Iviewit Holdings, Inc., a video technology company that holds the patent rights to the most important inventions in the history of multimedia technology where I have participated as an engineer overseeing the inventions, previously controlled a $100 million budget, and have spent most of my career overseeing legal relationships to the point of even personally litigating my company’s patent infringement and breach of contract claims, but only when I have to. Full bio at http://www.iviewitholdings.com/home/management-team where I have assembled a first class Board of Directors to take it to the next few levels. Any questions?
    Contact Info: psl@iviewitholdings.com

  3. Very cool PSL. Congratulations.

    I get the sense you are NOT Rye political class of the conventional sense I.E. have not been groomed for so called “service” in other Rye minor committees or organizations as how to think, who to check with and who to obey before you express your opinions publicly – especially about our widespread city corruption.

    But tell me otherwise if that’s not true and – like Doug French – are yet another hollow shill for local special interests and ready to throw away every election promise of note and follow orders from retarded local political party cronies and White Plains patronage hustlers right from the start. Also please consider telling us how long you’ve lived in Rye and about several local lawsuits associated with your name that I think I saw previously when I Googled you. Again, congratulations!

  4. TedC,

    Thank you for your comment. You are correct, I cannot be bought, have NO personal political agenda of my own but to right the many wrongs I have recently witnessed, am as open and transparent as they come, and bow to no “God” but my own.
    As for local litigations: In 2009, I brought a complaint to the New York State Department of Education after being threatened by a RCSD principal since retired (Ed Fox on the Board can fill you in on the details).
    As for business litigations, in 2011, I brought a Federal complaint against, principally, Proskauer Rose LLP, on the claims of patent sabotage and the conspiracy to commit patent sabotage; and in 2012, I brought a Federal complaint against Time Warner Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. on the claims of breach of contract presently pending in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. As you can see from these 3 complaints, when I see rights violated either my own, my family’s, or my shareholders, as a technology executive and private attorney I attempt to resolve the dispute and when there is no hope for the resolution of the dispute, reluctantly, I litigate.
    I have not seen a job description, but is that not the job of a Rye City Councilman, the preservation, inter alia, of the rights of residents? Have I left anything out?

  5. That all sounds straightforward PSL.

    I also note you stood for election for the Rye Golf Commission at least once and lost –


    And you have some kind of “residential” litigation against Resurrection Church? –


  6. I ran for the RGC Commission twice. Once in 2008 I think and lost by 12 votes, and in 2011 where, despite commitments of 190 votes, I lost by 15 votes, where Yandrasevich invalidated 49 votes that year and I leave that up to your imagination, but he did freak out when I called the City Clerk to inquire as to how many votes I received…
    I have NO presently filed litigation against the Church of the Resurrection, but to be totally open and transparent, recall what I wrote about rights violations that pertain to me, my family, and my shareholders either directly or indirectly who include among others the U.S. Small Business Administration, Ellen DeGeneres, and Alanis Morrisette; it is fair to say that I am employed at the pleasure of the U.S government which I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing…;)

  7. Ok and thanks. Now expect the trolls to arrive and be assured none will be me. I would also suggest that you give readers here further context and explanation of the Resurrection complaint referenced on the city website link below and I sincerely wish you good luck.

  8. The Editor-in-Chief of The Rye Sound Shore Review has made contact asking for an interview. This interview is scheduled for late tomorrow morning. In the spirit of being open and transparent, I must disclose that the relevation of my company’s website address in an earlier post has caused traffic to soar this evening. Let me be clear by saying that http://www.iviewitholdings.com is NOT an advertising supported website, so I DO NOT derive any “economic interest” directly or indirectly in increased visitors and page views.

  9. Tedc,

    Thank you for your latest comment, and again, in the spirit of openness and transparency, the Resurrection situation is a garden variety breach of contract issue. Despite the Corporation Counsel’s jumping of the gun, NO complaint has been filed in the SDNY, and the statute of limitations in New York is six (6) years for breach of contract. Now that I think of it, the state of the Corporation Counsel’s office is another reason for my seeking a seat where I was called on the last day of a sixty day time to answer that was offered in return for an executed form where if it was filed, which it was NOT, they would have defaulted on the 22nd day after filing…something has gone, very, very, very wrong in City government, and I would look forward to putting forth a much more intelligent face.

  10. Great. The new RSSR “Editor-In-Chief” (AKA Chris) is about as good in the business as they get – expect a fair probing interview and fair coverage. No words will be put in your mouth. Can’t wait to read it.

  11. Rye City Council Candidate Lamont’s Update:

    The time has come to put to rest this pattern of frauds, deceits, and misrepresentations that run so wide and so deep that it tears at the very fabric of what we call our hometown, Rye, NY, and in the fact that it pertains, in part, to civil rights tears at the very fabric of the U.S. Code and Constitution of the United States.

    18 USC Section 1961 (5) (a.k.a The Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act) states: “pattern of racketeering activity” requires at least two acts of racketeering activity,” examples of which are RM Staffing, Y Company, absconding with waiter’s tips, and retalitation either known or unkown.

    Positions papers coming late Spring/Early Summer to a website TBA.

  12. Rye City Council Candidate Lamont’s Update – Part II:

    Whatever “pattern of racketeering activity” was done electronically it constitutes wire fraud (see 18 USC Section 1343).

    One of my first acts as a sitting Rye City Councilman will be to petition Brune & Richard and/or the Office of the Westchester County District Attorney Office to file such papers to impound the ryeny.gov mail server and what private emails of which individuals are under investigation according to Stored Communications Act, 18 U.S.C. 2701

  13. Rye City Council Candidate Lamont’s Update – Part III:

    Deleting incriminating emails constitutes an obstruction of justice and an obstruction of criminal investigations (see 18 USC 1503 and 1510) and are so easy to track that, as an 18 year technology executive, I could teach most RMSchoolers how do do it. If this exists, there are now 6 “patterns of racketeering activity.”

  14. PSL – exactly. You say it like a lawyer; I say it like a corporate director and media industry guy. I told the council what we have here is a “pattern.”

    That’s why last night I publicly called for our former Rye City “3 big fish” to be deposed immediately under oath. Mr. Otis, Mr. Plunkett and Mr. Shew should be ready, willing and even eager to raise their right hands and go on the record in a council led proceeding conducted by Brune & Richard about their knowledge of – and involvement with – the 2 latest frauds (we’ll save our Schubert’s Pond subpoena gathered evidence about them for later). An honest man would quick to schedule a session, even demand one. For more background see this commentary below. What do you think?


  15. From the Rye sound Shore Review. Any comments?


    Councilman Peter Jovanovich, a Republican, is setting his sights on a possible mayoral run, The Rye Sound Shore Review has confirmed.

    Jovanovich, 64, sent an email to district leaders and others members of the Rye GOP last week notifying them of his interest in the


    mayor’s seat. He said that he has been approached by people in town about a possible candidacy and felt it might be a good idea for the party to have a choice for its nominee for the top elected city position, though he hasn’t made up his mind yet.

    Jovanovich also said it might be beneficial for the party to air out some issues and come to a consensus about a platform for the upcoming election, where the mayor’s seat and three City Council seats are set to open. Jovanovich’s term is set to expire at the end of the year.

    But having a party—besieged by infighting since 2011—heal its collective wounds and come together may be a tough task.
    Since Mayor Douglas French, a Republican, took office in 2010, his administration has been at odds with Republican Party leadership.

    French ran on the 2009 GOP ticket with Jovanovich and the two took office in 2010. The two, along with former Councilwoman Suzanna Keith and Councilman Richard Filippi, ran on a change platform that spoke of improving the tone and tenure of City Council meetings and increasing government transparency.

    French, who later appointed Jovanovich deputy mayor in 2011, has already announced that he will not seek a second term in office.

    Councilman Joe Sack, a Republican, has stated that he plans to run mayor. However, Sack has been immersed in an ongoing feud with both French and Jovanovich since 2010.

    Jovanovich, who has spent over 20 years in Rye, planned to meet with the party’s screening committee, but, apparently, the two sides have been unable to confirm a date to do so, according to sources.

    The issues facing a Jovanovich mayoral candidacy is a possible lack support within his own party. Sources say that Sack has far more support amongst district leaders, who determine the nominees for the mayor’s and City Council seats.

    That would likely leave Jovanovich to primary—where registered Republicans would vote to determine the party’s mayoral candidate in the general election—as his only recourse to appear on the GOP line in November.

    The councilman was long thought to be uninterested in running for another term due to ongoing health concerns. During a period from October 2012 through the end of last year, Jovanovich missed six out of 11 City Council meetings.

    Over the past several months, as the city has endured increasing criticism for its handling of a Rye Golf Club management scandal and a Rye TV controversy in which senior city officials were accused of concealing a videotape, Jovanovich has become increasingly outspoken in defense of the city administration and in particular City Manager Scott Pickup, an ongoing target of scrutiny for his roles in both sagas.

    Jovanovich first sought elected office in 2005 as a Republican, but was defeated. That year saw a faction of the GOP break off and form its own coalition known as the Citizens First Party, which ran a mayoral candidate, Franklin Chu, that year. However, Chu and his Citizens First slate, as well as the Republicans, were soundly defeated by Democrats.

    Jovanovich is a former textbook publisher and currently heads a nonprofit, the Alfred Harcourt Foundation, that provides college scholarship money to disadvantaged students.

    Jovanovich’s wife, Robin, publishes The Rye Record newspaper, to which he sometimes contributes.

  16. Dear Mr. Lamont:

    As far as an e-mail trail and obstruction of justice I believe the City of Rye has already undertaken actions to change e-mail accounts of top administrators in an attempt to purge their incriminating past e-mails and to make it difficult to access.

    What do you think about the RICO Act for these individuals:

    French, Jovanovich, Filippi, Pickup, Wilson, Connors Nodarse, Toomey, Dunn, Matthews and Alfano?

    Conspiracy and acting in concert also comes to mind.

    I hope you are successful in your run for Rye City Council. We need to clean house and your platform fits Rye to a tee.

  17. This just in from the completely clueless and delusional files. Would it surprise anyone if this is being leaked by the idiots at the Rye Record including Peter’s sister?


    Jovanovich cannot be serious. I believe this has to be some twisted attempt to try and derail Councilman Sack or to further coverup Jovanovich’s own corruption and the continued coverup of wide spread corruption.

  18. Hill v. Jovanovich,

    Thank you for your comment. Insofar as my previous comments, they were related mostly to the Rye Golf Club fiasco. I do not sign up for, although I will admit I have no proof, but it is my personal opinion that the transgressions were not of the “sole criminal genius of Scott Yandrasevich.” Mind you, I have already stated I have no proof, and in a related comment several weeks ago, I stated I am a proponent of continuing the investigation at any cost to see how high up the “racketeering activity,” went if any higher. One of the persons on your list, I understand, had direct oversight over Yandrasevich, and another person, as I understand it, had direct oversight over Yandrasevich’s oversighter. The remaining individuals on your list, I am vaguely familiar with and it is not my style to make blanket accusations but only when I am dealing with facts and conclusions from facts; the exception I might add is attorney Wilson’s jumping of the gun and reporting a recently filed “lawsuit” when, in fact, no action was filed at all…check the SDNY docket first next time…incredible.
    18 USC 1961 (4) defines a [criminal] “enterprise” includes any individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity, and any union or group of individuals associated in fact although not a legal entity,” and that should cover your question on “conspiracy.”
    To be honest, my interest in a seat on the Rye City Council stems from 2 related instances: (1) watching Rye TV and witnessing a sitting elected official laughing in the face of another sitting elected official because of his “no” vote, where the latter official was right and the perpetrating bidder perhaps is going to look very unattractive in an orange jump suit unless he pleas his way out of it; and (2) I have some very important business and personal relationships from Stamford to NYC (including 2 board members of my company at http://www.iviewitholdings.com/home/board-of-directors) and I am sick and tired of receiving emails from these relationships asking “what is the latest news in the Gambino crime family (a.k.a., Rye NY).”
    It may very well be time to tear up the Rye City government playbook and start anew. Thank you.

  19. All the commies were out in full force last night at the Council meeting! Instead of starting with an Executive Session, a May Day parade was held on Purchase street to start off the ceremonies which included the Flotie Mobile and a couple of Westchester BOH Inspection Boats. Jim Amico was adamant about the government inspecting the private property known as Hen Island for the gazillionth time because he trusts everything Che Guevara aka Mr. Flotie says. Mr. Flotie convinced Cathrine Parker to use the fullest extent of the government to wrestle control of Hen Island from the people who own it. You would think Hen Island was one of those commie public parks which I’m sure , if Joe Sack had his way, it will be some day. Joe Sack was conspicuously silent as the commies lobbied the government to take control of Hen Island. All in all a great day for Fidel Castro.

  20. “You want to make sure people are complying”

    ——- Cathrine Parker

    Don’t worry Cathrine, all of Rye will soon be complying. Every resident in Rye will be inspected for electrical, structural, standing water , etc…..

    We want to make sure people are complying, right???

  21. @ Communist,

    Is it that you just dislike Ray so much that you are against anything he stands for?

    Seasonal or not, 2 of those Islands are not fit for even seasonal use.

    This is my opinion, it is not formed from the influence of Ray, the only thing that influences me is the FACTS!!1

  22. The best thing for Rye & Mr. Jovanovich is that he does run for re-election. Maybe then after he is anialated he will finally realize what the residents of Rye think of his performance these last four years!

  23. Hi Jim,

    Regarding a Jovanovich campaign, my view, and I could be totally wrong, is that it is a “divide the party and block Sack” strategy. It is also, my view that the current City government is so petrified of Sack as Mayor, that they would rather hand the election to the Democrats! Much in the way, Janet DiFiore suddenly “saw the light” and switched to the Democratic Party to block Tony Castro.

  24. Ok, last Q&A from the Rye Sound Shore Review on a potential Lamont candidacy:

    Q: Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for sending the head shot. I forgot to ask–do you have any children in the Rye school district?

    A: Ashley,

    I do, thank you for asking. My son Stephen is a 5th grader at Osborn and he plays on the Rye Tornadoes, Rye Youth Soccer’s “A” team, is a Junior Olympic diver at Rye Golf Club where he won the Bronze Medal in last year’s Championship Finals, and he can drive a golf ball over the green on Hole 3 with his 3 wood. To round out the personal information, I am a widower as we lost his mother, Jennifer S. Lamont, MD, to breast cancer when he was 17 months old. Have a great day!

  25. Hill v. Jovanovich,

    Did you know that:

    Recover My Email is mail recovery software that can recover deleted email messages from either your Microsoft Outlook PST file or your Microsoft Outlook Express DBX files.

    If you have “accidentally” deleted [incriminating] email and need email recovery, this is the software for you!

  26. Mr. Lamont,

    I’m sure French and Pickup will both be looking for those e-mail recovery programs you mention to retrieve all the e-mails they deleted concerning RGC. I’m sure it was an honest mistake when they deleted them.

    If not them, then maybe some investigative agency will want to retrieve them.

  27. To: Rodney A. Brown
    To: Maurio Sax
    To: Catherine Parker
    Subject: Screening Committee
    April 19, 2013 6:49 PM

    I would like an appointment to appear with a view towards considering my candidacy for the Democratic ticket for the Rye City Council in the November election.

  28. Commie Jim Amico writes:

    “Seasonal or not, 2 of those Islands are not fit for even seasonal use”

    I wouldn’t even walk my dog on the section of Midland you live on. Therefore , you will be receiving a visit from “the inspectors” to make sure you are complying with the codes. By the look of your house your house wouldn’t pass a dog house inpsection.

    “You want to make sure people are complying”
    —- Cathrine Parker

  29. P. Stephen Lamont writes:

    “Recover My Email is mail recovery software that can recover deleted email messages from either your Microsoft Outlook PST file or your Microsoft Outlook Express DBX files.”

    It would be a lot easier to just check the backup files but just keep thinking your a genius.

  30. The Rye Sound Shore Review is reporting Peter Jovanovich is seriously mulling a run at the mayor’s position.

    This should provide the perfect opportunity for Joe Sack to effectively contrast his ideas for reform against the most embarrassing and failed strategies of the current administration, mano a mano.

    It also finally opens the door to discussing, in detail, the greater conflict of interest that exists between the deputy mayor and his wife’s paper, The Rye Record.

    With the toxic incumbent, Mayor French, removed from the equation, the campaign risked becoming an exchange of blank canvases, cliches, candidates; and a plethora of pollyannish press releases.

    But, with the deputy mayor standing in for the mayor, it allows the party, and the electorate, to put a familiar face to the lack of oversight, enforcement and accountability that is this administration’s legacy.

    With scandal after scandal in department after department, Peter and Doug have already handed Joe the big stick he needed to beat them with. Now, Peter has volunteered to be the pinata, too. Excellent.

    Swing for the fences Joe.

    Mucho Gracias, Pedro!

  31. Good points Republican Trust.

    Let’s see if Joewannasniffsomepanties actually declares his candidacy or if he is just playing one of his usual pranks on the public.

    When Mayor Stench made Joewannasniffsomepanties the deputy mayor, he must have thought it was based on merit. He didn’t get it that Stench needed to use Joewannasniffsomepanties for his sisters newspaper, the Rye Jerk Off.

    Joewannasniffsomepanties should just stick to what he does best. Delivering the Rye Jerk Off around town while doing his Weekend at Bernies imitation.


  32. @ u will never comply,

    Can’t say I blame you, tough area to call home with all that goes on at Midland Ave….80 years & counting family owned Beluccios Restaurant, the ever so popular Kelly’s, Midland Elementary School, the beautiful Rye Rec, walking distance to the beach & Playland!!!

    Yup, such an ugly place!!!

    We on Midland Ave dispose of our human waste in a code friendly legal humane way, we dispose of our trash legally to where it belongs, and Hen Island?


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