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GOP: Sack for Mayor; Bucci, Killian and McCartney for Council

From Rye GOP Thursday night:

Rye Republicans Nominate Joe Sack for Rye Mayor
Bucci, Killian and McCartney Receive Nomination for Rye City Council

For Immediate release – June 6, 2013

The Rye City Republican Committee tonight nominated Joe Sack for Mayor of Rye, and Kirstin Bucci, Julie Killian and Terry McCartney for Rye City Council, in the City-wide elections to be held this November.  “We have put together a great ticket this year, and I look forward to an exciting election season,” said Tony Piscionere, Rye Republican Chairman.  Peter Lane, Executive Director of the Rye Republicans, commented that “this is the best ticket I’ve seen in Rye in many years.”

Sack is a two-term Rye City Councilman.  He has pushed for openness and transparency, checks and balances, and communication and consensus building during his service on the Council.  A securities litigation attorney in private practice, Sack is married with three daughters who attend Rye public schools.  “Between the Rye Golf Club scandal, the Rye TV fiasco, and the FOIL mess, to name a few, people in Rye are just worn out from all this drama,” Sack said.  “And quite frankly, folks have lost some confidence in the way city government is run.  By asking tough questions, demanding straight answers, and using good judgment, I know that we can help restore that confidence.”

Bucci, a former financial industry analyst, has been an active volunteer in the Rye public schools and Rye youth sports.  A member of Rye Golf Club, Bucci was motivated to run for office in response to the recent scandal at the Club.  Bucci, a registered Democrat, is married with three daughters who attend Rye schools.  “No matter your political party registration, I believe that what we need right now in Rye on a local level is common sense,” said Bucci.  “I am proud to be running with Joe, Julie and Terry on the Republican line, and feel that our team is positioned to lead Rye back to the top.”

Killian has been actively involved in the Rye community for over 20 years and was previously in the financial services industry, primarily as an executive at Citibank.  She was appointed to the Council and then won election last year.  As a member of the Council, Killian has served as liaison to a number of committees, including the Rye Golf Strategic Committee and the Finance Committee, where she has worked to establish a four-year financial plan.  “It has been an honor to serve on the Council and I look forward to continuing to institute forward thinking and prudent fiscal management to Rye City. We have put together a terrific bi-partisan team to serve the citizen’s of Rye,” Killian said.   Killian is married and the mother of five children, aged middle school through college.

McCartney is an attorney and a named partner with Rheingold, Valet, Rheingold, McCartney & Giuffra, a prominent law firm in Manhattan, specializing in products liability cases.  A former Marine Corps officer, McCartney has served as a coach and boxing instructor in Rye through the years.  He is married with two sons, including one in college.  A long-time Rye Golf Club member, McCartney – like Bucci – was inspired to step forward into public service in response to the fraud and mismanagement uncovered at the Club.  “I plan to promote the ideals of integrity and accountability in Rye government,” McCartney said.  “Working together, we can unite Rye and get back on track.”


  1. All the republicans, past, present & future give us the same line of S***!

    “McCartney – like Bucci – was inspired to step forward into public service in response to the fraud and mismanagement uncovered at the Club. “I plan to promote the ideals of integrity and accountability in Rye government,” McCartney said. “Working together, we can unite Rye and get back on track.”

    Don’t fall for this crap, time to put honest hard working & “real” accountability in Office!

    The corruption was already in place before the French Administration, where were these candidates then if they are so concerned with the health of Rye???

  2. I think Mrs. Killian’s nomination here is potentially a big step backwards.
    All one has to remember is that she is currently being protected by French loyalists from having to register her vote publically on removing multiple liars from today’s senior city management.
    Mrs. Killian could help herself a lot by personally calling for that vote on the retaining or terminating of these managers. Otherwise her silence tells us what she represents.
    Because as Warren Buffett says about companies who believe themselves worthy of his acquisition consideration but somehow never get an invitation -“If the phone doesn’t ring, you’ll know it’s me.”

  3. As the golf club corruption scandal still simmers (with the city barely escaping with a half million+ dollar loss on the sale of The Otis Building) and while Messer’s Otis, Plunkett & Shew still remain un-deposed on what brought us RM Staffing & Stealing Co. to begin with and the Rye Democratic Party has the stones to put in “placeholder” names for a city council election this fall? Really? Where the hell has the Rye Democratic Party been for the last 4 years? Where and who are they now? Why haven’t they been seen while the going got tough and the citizens had to fight for every fact and public document and FOIL?
    Placeholders? After all this?


    “Finding candidates in Rye has become a more difficult process than it used to be, Brown said, as people have become leery of participating in a political environment where they see an alarming lack of civility—a buzzword today in Rye politics. “People are not exactly flocking to the public arena in Rye and there is a reason for that,” Brown said, referencing the city government turmoil and City Council infighting over the last two years.”

    “With the way council members have been treating each other over the last four years, and considering the vitriol of periodic political attacks from certain citizens, Brown said that even people who have held office in Rye before have commented that the political arena has never been so brutal. “Clearly, people considering [running] have frankly been turned off by what they have seen and what they read,” the party chair said.”


    Translation – “periodic political attacks from certain citizens’ – the party chairman is proposing a redefinition of public lying, public cheating and public stealing. Thus forth per Mr. Brown any mention of unethical and criminal matters perpetrated by City of Rye elected or managerial fiduciaries – of either party – will now be termed “a political attack.”

    Translation – any citizen forced to sit and wait for hours and then having the courage and fortitude to publically call out and DOCUMENT unethical and criminal acts by city government on camera (or in print) will now be deemed “alarmingly” lacking in civility, uncivil and/or a vitriol thrower.

    Here, for Mr. Brown’s convenience, are his misplaced definitions:

    ly•ing [lahy-ing]
    the telling of lies, or false statements; untruthfulness
    telling or containing lies; deliberately untruthful; deceitful; false
    -to practice fraud or deceit
    -to violate rules or regulations
    -to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, especially secretly or by force
    -to appropriate (ideas, credit, words, etc.) without right or acknowledgment.
    -to take, get, or win insidiously, surreptitiously, subtly, or by chance
    -to move, bring, convey, or put secretly or quietly; smuggle


    Rye Democratic Party Election Shell Game Nears End


    (wouldn’t it be refreshing if any single one of these named individuals had stood up at any time in the past 4 years to call out lying, wrongdoing and municipal malfeasance? Just one?)

  6. Rod, aren’t you tired of being Steve Otis’ lackey? Maybe you should think real hard about stepping aside as HIS Chairman. Under Otis’ “leadership” under your name, Democrats got mauled in 2009, and under Otis’ “leadership“ under your name, again, Democrats are going to get blanked in 2013. Except for the knowledgeable few, it is you that they see not the spineless worm pulling your strings behind the scenes.

  7. Rod, is Rod Brown the Chairman, in name only, of the Rye Democratic Party. The “Chairman Brown” is merely a straw man for Steve Otis, former Rye mayor. Otis’s political accent was fueled by his cross party alliance and allegiance to his hand selected Rye Corporation Counsel Kevin Plunkett; Otis made this devil’s bargain with him long ago. Therefore, a proactive, aggressive Candidate such as P. Stephen Lamont is a threat to Otis, confounds the Otis/Plunkett bargain, and is a direct threat to Plunkett. Plunkett as a former law partner of former Westchester County Executive, Al DelBello, is untouchable. I really feel sorry for Rye residents at losing such a viable candidate, such as Lamont, and here are your major party selections going forward: a personal injury attorney; a former finance specialist turned stay at home Mom; a trader turned board member of a high school, two unknowns, with one council seat TBA.

  8. The bottom line here, Average Citizen, is that Steve Otis wants to ply his “trade” as an Assemblyman in Albany, wants to control the Rye Democrats as its “field general in absentia,” and wants to control your life as well and does so without any remarkable professional or educational credentials of his own…but, hey, that is politics!

  9. Today, September 3, 2013, a complaint was filed with Elizabeth Hogan, Counsel for the Office of Enforcement at the New York State Board of Elections against Julie Killian for her flagrant violations of the letter and spirit of the Federal Election Campaign Act, Pub. L. 92–225, 86 Stat. 3, enacted February 7, 1972, 2 U.S.C. § 431 et seq. Hey, wait a minute, isn’t this something the outgoing Rod Brown should be doing, if he could get off his “even keeled” shtick?

  10. After due consideration, I ENDORSE Jason L. Mehler for Rye City Council. Mr. Mehler is an articulate, sincere, former 18 year auditor and tax manager who turned to other ventures to spend more time with his family…and that is VALUES, something that is so absent from City government today.

    Do you think, had he been on the City Council when outside auditors raised red flags about Rye Golf Club, the RGC situation would have exacerbated as it did? Nope! Mr. Mehler is an involved Rye resident (no, he doesn’t control the local newspaper or buy his way into positions of influence) who devotes time to the Rye Town Park Advisory Committee and the Rye Recreation Commission. A graduate of SUNY Plattsburgh with a BS in Accounting, he is married to Carin L. Mehler (4th grade teacher at Osborn School) and has two daughters – Emily, 10 a 6th grader at RMS and Rachel, 8 a 4th grader at Osborn School. A vote for Jason L. Mehler on November 5 is a vote for values. Starting on January 1, 2014, values will win and I hope the whole City of Rye listens!

  11. It pains me to say this, but, don’t you think the present “Rye Democratic Party” can be likened to the cast of Gilligan’s Island?
    Cameron — Ginger;
    Punyon — Maryanne;
    Skipper — Rod Brown (the ineffective buffoon that he is);
    Professor — Steve Otis;
    Mr. and Mrs. Howell — those select “Democrats” throwing a fundraiser for the non-existent Mayoral candidate; and last but not least,
    the re-invented Peter Jovanovich as Gilligan himself

  12. Steve:

    I like the Gilligan’s island comparisons. A few suggestions:

    I was thinking that Jovanovich could play Thurston Bowell III. Who better to play this pompous, arrogant wannabe elitist who cares nothing about the people where he lives.

    Mrs. Thurston Bowell III could be played by Connors. He has been Jovanovich’s bitch for four years anyway so it is a natural fit.

    French could be the skipper of his sunken ship the S.S. City of Rye.

    Pickup could be Gilligan because he keeps messing everything up but keeps getting a reprieve by the Skipper.

    There is no one at City Hall smart enough to play the Professor.

    Ginger and Maryann could be played by Killian and Brett because they stupidly believe everything the Skipper (French) and Gilligan (Pickup) tell them.

    Filippi could of had a part if the ship was a Nazi U-Boat.

    Wilson would be perfect to play a coconut or perhaps a plant.


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