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Mean Girls: Heard in Rye Wednesday, 7:30pm

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Heard in Rye is showing an award-winning documentary about two girls who travel across the USA to interview hundreds of females about the “mean girl” phenomenon.

Wednesday, October 11th 2017 – 7:30pm
School of the Holy Child

Two best friends know what it is like to be bullied so they decide to travel the country, spreading the message about how kindness is the best preven:on and
remedy. Along the way, they talk to teachers, psychologists, men, women, and girls about how girls treat each other, the underlying causes, devasta:ng
consequences, and possible solutions.

Heard in Rye is generously sponsored by the parents' organizations of public, independent, and nursery schools in Rye City, Rye Neck, Rye Brook and other neighboring communities, as well as the Rye YMCA, the Rye Youth Council, Rye Police Benevolent Association, and Wainwright House.


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