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Candidates Comment on Rye Election

In the wake of the Dem sweep in Rye, a few of the candidates commented to MyRye.com. What do you think of the election results? Leave a comment below.


"It was a heartening team victory. We are all looking forward to getting to work on behalf of Rye. We appreciate the effort our opponents made and thank Joe Sack and Terry McCartney for their work." – Mayor Elect Josh Cohn.


"My teammates and I are proud of our service, and the campaign we ran. We congratulate the mayor and councilmembers-elect, and offer our full support to ensure that the business of Rye continues for the benefit of all our residents." – Rye Mayor Joe Sack

Julie Souza voting

"I am thrilled to represent Rye on City Council and even more so to do it in the company of my accomplished running mates, Josh Cohn, Sara Goddard and Ben Stacks." – Councilwoman-elect Julie Souza

  Ben Stacks IMG_8302

"We are very excited to have prevailed in the election and are very much looking forward to helping the city address all of the issues and opportunities it is facing. We also want to congratulate our opponents for a vigorous race and thank them for their generous contributions to Rye over the past years. We are committed to Moving Rye Forward!" – Councilman-elect Ben Stacks


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