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Activist Amy Siskind to Speak in Rye This Sunday

(PHOTO: Rye City Council Candidate Lisa Tannenbaum with activist Amy Siskind.)
(PHOTO: Rye City Council Candidate Lisa Tannenbaum with activist Amy Siskind.)

Special promotional content provided by Lisa Tannenbaum, Democrat for Rye City Council

Amy Siskind, nationally known defender of democracy, activist for women’s rights, and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community is coming to Rye this Sunday. Amy’s commitment to cataloguing the erosion of democratic norms during the Trump administration propelled her to superstar fame, she has over half a million followers around the country and the world. Her multi-media “The Weekly List” has been archived at both the Library of Congress and the University of Pennsylvania.

Lisa Tannenbaum, Democratic Candidate for Rye City Council, is sponsoring an event with Amy, providing Rye residents the opportunity to meet her. The event will be held on Sunday, October 24th at 11:00 AM.

Rye faces challenges that demand our local government partner with elected officials at every level of government. The response to Hurricane Ida underscored how important this is – support from the federal government came at record speed. Without Democrats George Latimer, Chuck Schumer, Kathy Hochul and President Joe Biden, it would not have happened. Their empathy, their compassion makes the difference.

We have to talk about the connection between federal and local elections. And there is no one better to kick off a conversation about what’s happening in our federal government and how it directly relates to the decisions we make in local elections than Amy Siskind.

“Elected officials serve all of their constituents equally, always making decisions that are best for the entire community, without regard to political party,” said Lisa. “But we are each defined by the values that guide our decision making and I’m proud to share my values with Amy Siskind.”

Amy is coming to Rye in support of Lisa’s campaign for Rye City Council because Amy knows how important it is to elect Democrats at every level of government. This is a free event but RSVP’s are required,  RSVP here.

The location in Rye will be shared upon RSVP.

Amy’s leadership is revered nationwide, we are so fortunate to have her in Westchester. RSVP today and share with interested Rye friends.


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