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Planning Commish Tuesday: Tennis, Pool, Floods, Outdoor Dining & Weddings

The planning commission is Tuesday, April 9, 2019. We've got items including a tennis bubble at Apawamis, a pool, a home elevation in a floodplain, outdoor dining at Playland Market and more weddings at Wainright.

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April 9, 2019 – 6:30 PM
Held in the City Council Hearing Room of the Rye City Hall

Please Note: The Planning Commission will convene at 6:30 and may adjourn into Executive Session to discuss attorney-client privileged matters


Apawamis Club

1. Apawamis Club (Continued from March 26, 2019)
Required Approval(s): Site Plan Modification (SP#376)/Wetland Permit (WP#452)
Location: 2 Club Road, Sheet 139.18, Block 1, Lot(s) 27
Applicant: Apawamis Club
Project Description: Construction of a seasonal tennis enclosure over three existing tennis courts.


1. Apawamis Club
See Description Above

53 Glendale Avenue Rye NY
2. 53 Glendale Avenue
Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit (WP#451)
Location: 53 Glendale Avenue, Sheet 146.05, Block 1, Lot(s) 13
Applicant: Mr. Jared Rusman
Project Description: Construction of an in-ground swimming pool, cabana, and patio.

95 Greenhaven Road Rye NY 2
3. 95 Greenhaven Road
Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit (WP#454)
Location: 95 Glendale Road, Sheet 153.17, Block 1, Lot(s) 5
Applicant: Mr. Don Rimsky
Project Description: Elevation of an existing home in the floodplain.

Playland Market Rye NY

4. Playland Market- Outdoor Dining Permit
Required Approval(s): Outdoor Dining (OD#13-2019)
Location: 484-94 Forest Avenue, Sheet 146.19, Block 5, Lot(s) 62
Applicant: Mr. Ralph Alfalahi
Project Description: Request for three outdoor dining tables.

Wainwright Rye NY weddings

5. Wainwright House
Required Approval(s): Modification of Final Site Plan &
Use Permitted Subject to Add. Stnds. Reqs./Wetland Permit (SP#317/WP#280)
Location: 270 Stuyvesant Avenue, Sheet 153.18, Block 1, Lot(s) 2
Applicant: Wainwright House
Project Description: Modification to an approved use permitted subject to additional standards and requirements to modify the number of permitted weddings, the number of permitted days of seasonal tent use, and to extend the current expiration period of such restrictions from 2021 to 2026.

6. Minutes


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