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1975 Rye Grad Celebrates Class of 2020 in Video

Rye resident Ceil Harrigan (RHS ’75) comes from a long line of Rye High School grads, starting with her father in 1945. Other grads include “Brother Joe 1976, Sister Rose 1977, Sister Colleen and niece’s mother 1979, Sister Maureen 1980 and Brother Tom 1981.”

Francis Joseph Harrigan, RHS Class of 1945
Francis Joseph Harrigan, RHS Class of 1945. In the Stage Coach yearbook, he described himself as “Self Reliant”

Harrigan has made a video celebrating the Class of 2020. The graduating class includes her twin nieces, Maeve and Kaitlyn McGuire.

“My video is dedicated to the graduates of 2020,” Harrigan told MyRye.com. “We are so disappointed for you that you lost the last couple of months of your senior year. Selfishly, I’m bummed not to see graduation from the seats on the field. We have waited so long for that day to come – as you all did. Cheers to the 2020 RHS Class!”

We bet Harrigan will also be out celebrating along the “graduation car parade” this coming Sunday at 2pm.

And don’t forget to post a “virtual tribute” to your graduation Rye High School senior.

Watch Harrigan’s video:


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