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RAC’s “fRYEday” Variety Show is Another Ladies Comedy Night – Watch It Right Here

Rye Arts Center Zooming with RAC’s Comedians Under House Arrest May 29, 2020

(PHOTO: Zooming with RAC’s Comedians Under House Arrest.)

The Rye Arts Center has launched its forth “fRYEday Not Live” video, combining the variety show model of The RAC’s popular fRYEday Night Live performances with the philanthropic focus of its Annual Benefit.

This episode – Comedians Under House Arrest – is the second of two that will echo The Rye Arts Center’s ever-popular Ladies Comedy Night, emceed by Kim Berns with performances by Josh Levinson, Jay Silverberg, Petra Pasquina, Frankie Fuhrman and Mat Orefice.

In conjunction with the video series, the local non-profit has launched a crowdfunding campaign (more than $32,000 raised – add a few shekels!). Donations will help The Rye Arts Center continue to operate throughout the pandemic, presenting online classes, lessons, and outreach programs.

Check out the video of fRYEday Not Live, Episode 4, below. Here is who you will find on the video, and the precise time stamp:

0:32 – Introduction: Meg Rodriguez
1:55 – “Comics Under House Arrest” Emceed by Kim Berns
3:48 – Josh Levinson
10:35 – Jay Silverberg
17:43 – Petra Pasquina
27:25 – Frankie Fuhrman
33:12 – Mat Orefice
39:56 – A thank you message: Meg Rodriguez

One important note: this episode is intended for an adult audience.


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