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Three Rye Moms Have Raised Over $40K To Alleviate Local COVID-19 Impacts

LoveRye.Org May 2020

April showers bring May flowers – and also bright red “LOVE RYE” signs sprouting up on lawns all over the City of Rye.

The signs are part of the “Love Rye” campaign. The effort, started just two weeks ago by three Rye Moms, has already raised $41,000 to alleviate local COVID-19 impacts.

The money is being directed to three efforts:

  • To over 125 local Rye mom & pop shops to help with things like rent, utilities and maintaining staff;
  • Bread of Life to provide food & essentials to those in need including food-insecure children, single parents and home-bound seniors;
  • Caritas of Port Chester to deliver food to those in need in Port Chester and the surrounding community via a soup kitchen and food pantry.

Individuals donating $100 or more will see one of the bright red “Love Rye” signs appear in their yard within 24 hours as a thank you, and to continue to raise awareness for the campaign. “If we can raise $80,000, that would be amazing,” organizer Lisa Hogan, who works locally at Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty, told MyRye.com.

The other two local residents spearheading the effort are Maria Kacha, who works on the capital campaign for Caritas of Port Chester and Karen Schulz, who works with Watson’s Catering of Greenwich.

The group has planted over 400 lawn signs as of Thursday, May 7th. Optimists with high expectations, the group has printed 800 signs. So the group needs 400 more donors who “LOVE RYE”.

You can make a donation online. The Rye City Lions Club is operating the online collections, and donors are able to direct funds to one, two or all three of the recipient groups.


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