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Meet the Organizers of Saturday’s Black Lives Matter March for Justice

Rye March for Justice - Black Lives Matter

By now you know there is a Black Lives Matter March for Justice in Rye Saturday at 2pm (June 13, 2020). See our prior write-up on event time, location, route and speakers.

But do you know the organizers Cristiana Villani and Amanda Yannett? Meet Cristiana and Amanda, both Rye High School Class of 2015. They organized Saturday’s march in just one week.

Cristiana lives in Rye and Amanda is in Rye due to COVID-19 but had been living in Williamsburg, VA. MyRye.com asked each of the organizers about their day jobs.

Cristiana Villani

Cristiana Villani
Cristiana Villani

I am a Program Facilitator for Girls Inc. Westchester County, a nonprofit organization that offers girls programs that help them navigate the real-life challenges they confront and lay the groundwork for healthy, independent, and fulfilling futures. During the summer, GIWC is offering virtual programming that goes beyond just reading and writing, SAT/ACT prep and into topics and skills that are not typically taught in school, like theatre, self care, digital media, journalism & public speaking. I have always wanted to dedicate my time to helping young girls become strong, smart, and bold women, so working for Girls Inc. of Westchester County is a dream come true.


Amanda Yannett

Amanda Yannett
Amanda Yannett (far right) with Tarana Burke (center right), the founder of the #metoo movement in March 2019

I am currently in the Noyce Scholar Program with the National Science Foundation and working towards my Master’s in Education at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. The Noyce Scholar Program encourages STEM majors to pursue teaching in low-income areas across the country. As a Noyce Scholar, I will work as a biology teacher in a high-needs school for at least two years. The program recognizes the national STEM teacher shortage, as well as addresses educational inequities and promotes social justice and diversity. I am passionate about fighting inequities and I have been a fierce advocate for survivors of trauma and marginalized students. I believe the Noyce Scholar Program is a great way for me to combine my interest in biology with my passion for advocacy and activism. After the Noyce Scholar Program, I plan to explore activism work in the public health field.


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