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Police Blotter: Soliciting a No; Mini Cooper, Big Suspicion; Puppy Love; Yurtle Traffic Tie-Up

The police blotter is a highlight of recent activity from the City of Rye Police Department.

If you appreciate the hard work of our local police men and women, please consider supporting our RyeFIRST campaign to honor our first responders and help address food insecurity in Westchester County.

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Serious. October 15. I-95 Midland Avenue. mva with injuries I-95 northbound between exits 20-21. TOT STATE. TOT NYSP.

Not Permitted. October 15. Forest Avenue / Magnolia Place. Suspicious Person. report of female black wearing jeans and white shoes and black lives matter. mask solicitating door to door for money. no permit on file. searched area goa. party identified by unit 3 info taken. party advised to get permit & party on her way. 97/94.

Soliciting a No. October 15. Milton Road. Solicitors. Caller reports african american male, shirt & tie soliciting in the area of milton rd. and hewlett. check & advise. car 12 dispatched

Lost? Or Stolen? October 15. Orchard Avenue. Lost Or Stolen License Plates. walk-in party wishes to report lost license plates.

Not Being ConEd, Just Con Ed. October 15. Boston Post Road / Johnson Place. Suspicious Person. Caller states a man wearing a hard hat and reflective vest in an unmarked black car is testing the lamp posts on johnson place. caller found it suspicious due to the time of night. cars 11 and 16 dispatched backed PARTY CHECKS OUT (name) CONEDISON.

Rye Bar & Grill & No Social Distance. October 15. Station Plaza. Noise Complaint. Caller states the music coming from the rye bar & grill is extremely loud and that there is no social distancing occurring. Unit 3 and car 16 dispatched band shut down for night – all in order.

Mini Cooper, Big Suspicion. October 15. Intervale. Suspicious Vehicle. Caller states a dark blue mini cooper has been parked in front of her house for over 45 minutes. Cars 12 & 16 dispatched.

Man, Girlfriend, Daughter, Gun, Mercedes. October 15. Theodore Fremd Avenue. Suspicious Person. Caller reports that there is a man with a gun in a Mercedes Benz parked in his driveway. Described as caucasian with tattoos. Spoke with driver of said vehicle he drive into driveway picked his girlfriend then went to pick up her daughter. Girlfriend is resident of top floor of apartment.

Not Prime. October 16. Milton Road. Assist Citizen. Caller states a FedEx truck and driver have been parked in the circle at Blind Brook Lodge for 1 hour. Caller thinks the driver may have injured his ankle. FedEX drivers manager on site and assisting injured driver with his injuries. Driver RMA.

Tree Down, Lights Out. October 16. Hillcrest Lane. Tree Down. tree down at listed location. Large branches took down the electrical feeder line to #– with cables wires. blocking roadway. area taped off and made safe. DPW foreman on scene. Coned was notified by pd desk and resident.

Gone to Pot. October 17. Marshlands Conservancy / Boston Post Road. Rules Of The Road. parked after hours at rye marshlands, upon approach odor of marijuana emanating from vehicle. marijuana was given to this officer by ___. Medical marijuana card was invalid per ejustice/ncic. marijuana confiscated & to be destroyed by DD.

Gone to Pots. October 17. Rye Rec / Midland Avenue. Assist Citizen. Caller states there is a group of youths smoking pot in the wooded area behind the Damiano Building. situation corrected.

Use Your Quiet Voice. October 17. Wappanocca Avenue. Loud Party. report of loud party in area. Spoke with homeowner, advised to lower voices, still early evening. Family party. 98. Backed Car 12.

Don’t Rev Your Engines. October 17. Apawamis Avenue / Midland Avenue. V & T Complaints. Possible drag racing in the area of Midland Av or Milton Rd. GOA. 98.

Quiet Voice. October 17. Park Avenue. Loud Party. Loud noise. condition corrected 98.

Soliciting a No. October 19. Allendale Drive / Oakland Beach Avenue. Solicitors. Caller states there was a Black male, approximately 20 years of age, with a black backpack selling cleaning solution door-to-door. Caller did not believe he had a permit. Spoke with party and informed him of the permit needed.

Puppy Love. October 19. Midland School. Assist Citizen. Caller states she found a lost puppy during school dismissal.

Soliciting a No. October 19. Johnson Place / Keane Place. Solicitors. Multiple callers stating that a slim black female with pink hair wearing a white shirt, and tattoos is going door-to-door selling cleaning supplies without a permit.

Coming Up Short. October 20. Dearborn Avenue. Environment Conservation Comp. Check of 3 people fishing, 1 warning issued for short fish.

Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute. October 20. Port Chester Harbor. Nav Hazard. Removed debris that was floating in the mouth of the harbor. OV Call:

Serious. October 21. I-95 / Midland Avenue. mva bewteen exit 20 and 19 mva truck versus jeep and jersey barrier. EMS dispatched. TOT STATE.

Board Kids. October 21. Elm Place / Purchase Street. Neighborhood Trouble. report of large group of kids on skateboards and bicycles blocking the roadway and dining areas.

Yurtle Traffic Tie-Up. October 21. Hammond Road / North Street. Road-Blocked. Caller stating large turtle on North St causing a hazardous condition. Turtle out of the roadway for now. Nature center states to leave it alone for now.

Pet the Poor Pooch. October 21. Apawamis Avenue / Cowles Avenue. Dog Complaint. Caller reports a dog that has been “yelping” for the last two hours. Canvassed the area. No dogs barking in the area. Spoke with the caller via telephone. Caller could not hear the dogs barking anymore.

Chalupa. October 21. Grapal Street / Palisade Road. Dog Complaint. Report of a loose Chihuahua. dog caught. brought to hq where New Rochelle Humane Society picked him up.


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