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LETTER: Rye Dem Head Calls Foul on Cohn Campaign

In a letter to MyRye.com, Rye City Democratic Committee Chair Shari Punyon calls foul on representations being made by the Cohn mayoral campaign.

The letter:

Shari Punyon, Rye Democratic Committee
Shari Punyon, Chair, Rye City Democratic Committee

It recently came to my attention that one of the candidates in the Democratic Primary has been using the terms co-endorsement and cross-endorsement to refer to the Republican endorsement of Josh Cohn. I wish to clarify the matter, as it could be misinterpreted as improper coordination between the parties.

While Mayor Cohn and the Republicans are well within their rights to proceed with an endorsement, this Republican endorsement was not discussed with the Democratic Chair until after the Republican endorsement vote was completed, and the endorsement offer made to Mayor Cohn. It would be completely inappropriate for the Democratic party to discuss a co- or cross- endorsement ahead of the Primary, as we do not yet have a nominee.

Shari Punyon
Chair, Rye City Democratic Committee


  1. Thank you for pointing out the foul.
    So many norms are trampled by the Cohn campaign, and this is just the latest.
    While they are busy trying to win the primary election at all costs, I would like to suggest that the Cohn campaign remember we all still have to be (or at least we hope we can be) respectful neighbors in our small community. Let’s not resort to unsubtle gender biased attacks on temperament. That does our children, our community and yourselves a disservice. And damages your reputation.
    I also feel terrible that they are using a botched arrest and search to impugn Danielle’s integrity. What the Cohn campaign doesn’t mention in that particular smear against her is that the charges were thrown out by the county judge, and she was completely right to stand up for the civil liberties of this single parent of a child with disabilities who was wrongfully arrested. Here’s the court’s decision in their own words: https://myryeassets.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/People-v.-Rose.pdf
    I’ll stop here with this encouragement to my neighbors and fellow voters in the Democratic Primary: Really look at both candidates and how they conduct their public lives, their campaigns, and how they respond to public input on issues that matter to Rye.

    • Sue, Regardless of whether the court case was overturned on a technicality (to me an out of state concealed carry ID is not the same as a library card – and it’s possible that Danielle’s interference CAUSED the search to be overturned), Danielle went to bat for her friend from the second he was arrested with the following weapons in a Rye City school zone on his way to pick up his children (BRAVO TO THE RYE POLICE):
      – semi-automatic handguns (bullets in chamber, ready to fire)
      – high capacity magazines of ammunition
      – ninja throwing stars
      – multiple knives (including polymer knives which are made to thwart metal detectors)
      – brass knuckles and
      – Quik-Clot, which is used to treat serious wounds.

      • The case wasn’t overturned on a technicality. It was thrown out because the Court said the video evidence didn’t match the officer’s testimony. So you are publicly writing BRAVO to police misconduct? (and honestly, no one could possibly actually believe Danielle’s request for an investigation into possible misconduct could cause a NY Judge to throw out a case). The only thing we know as fact is that the case was dismissed by the NY Court because the officer’s testimony. Your behavior in twisting this story and mudslinging against a former friend is truly bizarre. Why are you focusing on something that happened years ago instead of Rye here and now? What are you trying to keep people distracted from?

  2. Please note that this was supposed to be a clarification of the Committee actions and position only. The headline and description suggest an inflammatory nature to the letter which was not my intent.

  3. Rye voters deserve a choice! Citizens need a chance to hear the issues. Cohn and his cronies appear to be less than honest in their mean-spirited and slanted approach. I hope that Danielle Tagger-Epstein is given a chance to continue to debate the issues as the Democratic nominees with Josh Cohn as the Republican candidate. Let’s hear what both have to say.

  4. I have been asked to reaffirm that Josh is the endorsed candidate of the Rye City Democratic Committee. He is. This letter does not address that issue, only the question of coordination between the parties in the matter of the Republican endorsement.


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