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Letters of Pride: Meredythe Ryan, Evergreen Avenue

MyRye.com is publishing a series of letters of support for raising the Pride flag on City flagpoles. The letters were sent to the City ahead of the City Council voting to fly the flag, and are a matter of public record.

PRIDE flag

From: Meredythe Ryan

Subject: Pride Flag

Date: April 21, 2021 at 2:14:50 PM EDT

To: <jcohn@ryeny.gov>, <jsouza@ryeny.gov>, <bstacks@ryeny.gov>, <sgoddard@ryeny.gov>, <rmecca@ryeny.gov>, <ptarlow@ryeny.gov>, <cjohnson@ryeny.gov>

Dear Mayor and City Council:

My name is Meredythe Ryan and I live at — Evergreen Ave in Rye. I am unequivocally in favor of the city raising the Pride flag this June in observance of Pride Month. I hope that I live in a community where support for human rights, civil rights and love is universal and unquestioned; raising this flag is an important part of confirming that support. I think, conversely, failing to do so leaves our LGBTQ+ neighbors – including and especially our students – feeling alienated and without the support of their community, particularly when arguments against raising the flag are frankly quite weak.

I understand that this issue will be discussed at tonight’s city council meeting. I ask that you support a resolution to raise this flag in June. My children are still quite young, but I hope that our community will always be forthcoming with love and confirmation or their worth.

Meredythe Ryan

Evergreen Ave


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