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Rye Rec Celebrates Improvements Ahead of Camp Opening Tuesday

Rye Recreation ribbon cutting July 1, 2021 - 1
Celebratory shears belonging to Rye Rec boss Sally Rogol await use while City Manager Greg Usry and City Councilwoman Julie Souza deliver remarks.

You know it is official when there is a ribbon cutting.

On Thursday, City officials, the Rye Recreation and the Rye Rec Commission and DPW staff came together at Rye Recreation to celebrate a myriad of park improvements delivered on time and on budget.

The recreation improvements, including two new pavilions, comfort stations and site work including 3/4 of a mile of paved trail, are nearing completion and will be available for Rye Rec summer camp. The new additional flagpole in the park, now flying the American and Pride flags, was conceived during the project.

Rye Recreation ribbon cutting July 1, 2021 - 2
City Engineer Ryan Coyne takes a studied approach to his ribbon cutting. Bart DiNardo, chair of Rye Rec and Councilpeople Souza, Goddard and Johnson watch Coyne engineer the ribbon.

In part because so much of the work was completed by Rye’s DPW staff, the project will be within the Council authorized budget of $1 million. In remarks at Thursday’s ribbon cutting, City Councilwoman Julie Souza called out the DPW staff who have each spent months revamping the park. So props go to these DPW folks:

PM Rye Recreation #0003 2021-05-27 Pavilion 2 DSC_0697
One of the new pavilions under construction this summer. Cre3dit: Pei Pei Martin.

  • George Vega
  • Peter Catalano
  • Joe Salvatore
  • Demetrio Giordano
  • Frank Mollica
  • Drew Ferris
  • Dave Mion
  • Sean Martensen
  • Dominic Catalano
  • Pat Lemon
  • Joe Porzio
  • Anthony Direnzo
  • Bill Weeks

This past spring, the city council found additional funds remaining from a 2002 recreation bond issue (I wish I had a couch like this…) that is funding an outdoor amphitheater adjacent to the Girl Scout Room. This final piece remains under construction.

Rye Recreation camps including Kiddy Camp, Lower Camp, Upper Camp and Camp 78 start Tuesday.

PM Rye Recreation #0004 2021-05-27 Comfort Station 1 DSC_0698
Comforting. One of the new comfort stations at Rye Rec. Credit Pei Pei Martin.


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