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Democrats Will Race Josh Nathan in Special Election for Tarlow Council Seat

Rye City Council special election 2021 - Josh Nathan
(PHOTO: County boss and Rye guy George Latimer, Rye Dems head Shari Punyon, City Council Candidate (regular election) Lisa Tannenbaum, City Council Candidate (special election) Josh Nathan, County Legislator Catherine Parker.)

Rye Democrats will race Josh Nathan, a former school board president, in the special election this fall to fill the remaining two year term of Pam Tarlow. Tarlow left the Council in July after moving from Rye. Nathan will face Jana Seitz, the candidate put forward by the local GOP two weeks ago.

The local Rye Dems went out of their way in the Nathan announcement to show unity behind Nathan, with quotes in the news release from County boss and Rye guy George Latimer, County Legislator Catherine Parker, and State Assemblyman Steve Otis. Tarlow’s seat will remain empty until the special election as the Council demurred on appointing someone to the spot for such a short time period.

Here is the full announcement provided from Rye Dems:

“Rye Democrats Unify to Nominate Josh Nathan for City Council

The Rye City Democratic Committee has nominated Josh Nathan, a long-time resident of Rye and a former three-term president of the Board of Education, to fill the City Council seat vacated by Pam Tarlow (D).

“Josh Nathan was the unanimous choice of the Rye City Democratic Committee,” said Chair Shari Punyon. “His collaborative spirit, temperament, passion for good governance, and extraordinary record of accomplishments for Rye will be a tremendous asset to the City.”
As president of the School Board from 2008 to 2011, Josh Nathan steered Rye schools through the great recession, supporting educational excellence while controlling taxes at below tax-cap levels before there even was a tax cap. He served on the School Board for nine years.

County Executive George Latimer said: “Josh Nathan has accomplished a lot for Rye, and we need to elect him to the City Council so that he can do even more. He is deeply devoted to our community, and he has consistently demonstrated wise and inclusive decision-making. He has a clear vision for Rye flourishing as one of the finest communities on the Sound Shore, a vision that is directly connected to the ideas of the residents and the history and character of Rye. I’m very excited about having Josh Nathan on the City Council.”

Josh Nathan’s numerous accomplishments for Rye include successfully settling a three-year contract negotiation with the teacher’s union, retaining architects for the Rye High School science wing who respected the beauty of Milton Road, and resolving a more than decade-long multimillion dollar tax litigation between the City, Rye Schools, and the Osborn Home.
“Josh Nathan always brought thoughtful decision making based on community participation to his School Board service; he’ll do it again on the Council,” State Assembly Member Steve Otis said.

Josh Nathan was put forward for nomination by County Legislator Catherine Parker. “When I heard of the vacancy, I immediately thought of Josh Nathan and did not hesitate to reach out, knowing that even those who are new to the community and may not be familiar with the depth of his accomplishments for Rye would quickly understand that what he brings to local government will be a welcome and calming addition,” Parker said.

“It’s an honor to be nominated,” Nathan said. “I am committed to Rye’s long-term future. I met challenges on the School Board by working with Rye organizations and individuals throughout the community and was able to forge a terrific working relationship with both Democratic- and Republican-led City government. I always understood that I represented the interests of all Rye taxpayers. I will bring a spirit of listening and open collaboration to the City Council.”

In addition to his school board service, Josh Nathan Served on the NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program – Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery – Rye Planning Committee, coached Rye Youth Soccer and Rye Little League, and volunteered as a practice interviewer for RHS students and a Career GPS panelist for the Rye Youth Council. He is a graduate of Cornell Law School and Vassar College. His law practice serves nonprofits, and media and e-commerce businesses. Previously he served as general counsel to WNET New York Public Media. He has lived in Rye with his wife and son since 2000. They are members of the American Yacht Club.

“Josh Nathan is a bridge for bringing people together; we are thrilled that he is willing to serve Rye again,” said Democratic Chair Shari Punyon.”


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