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Where I Work: SPRYE’s Director Marie Johnson

Where I Work showcases people who work in Rye. The feature is inspired in part by exploring how the pandemic has impacted our work environment and part by wanting to understand how and where people work inside the City of Rye.

Today we meet Marie Johnson.

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Where I Work-08-2021- Marie Johnson headshot
(PHOTO: Marie at her desk)

Your Name: Marie Johnson

Your Company: SPRYE

MyRye.com: What do you do?

Johnson: Executive Director of a not-for-profit that helps older adults age in place in the homes and communities they love in Harrison, Port Chester, Rye and Rye Brook.

Where do you work?

Johnson: I work in a beautiful office in the Gateway Building near the Waterfront stores and Stop and Shop. I have worked here for three years with the same desk and chair.

Describe your desk and office.

Where I Work-08-2021- Marie Happy Sign
(PHOTO: A sign Marie keeps near her desk)

Johnson: My office is just your basic office with desks, chairs, computers with double monitors that I love and phone and plenty of storage space with microwave and refrigerator. Papers cover most of the desk.  On my wall is a sign that says Do More Of What Makes You Happy and that sign makes me smile. I have a photo of a beach in NJ with seashells surrounding it, so that will often motivate me to save my money so I can retire on the beach.

Where I Work-08-2021-Marie Johnson Beach
(PHOTO: A photograph of the beach and seashells on Johnson’s desk.)


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