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Varsity Skiing Finishes Season Run at Hunter Mountain Sectional

Rye Varsity Ski Hunter Sectionals 2022-02-16

Rye Varsity Skiing finished its season run at Hunter Mountain sectionals Wednesday.

“It was truly a special day for our racers today as all of them got to experience a sectional meet for the first time and they all skied very well against some very good competition,” said Rye Ski Coach Jeff Steinmann.

“While we did not get any qualifiers for the state championships this time around we can’t wait to get these kids back up on the hill next season to give it another go. Unfortunately one of our team captains Cassidy Pagen suffered an injury while training for the event the day before and was unable to compete yesterday. We wish her a speedy recovery.”

Meet highlights from Hunter:

Giant Slalom Combined (run 1 + run 2)

32nd Thea Fairhurst – 89.35
35th Charlotte Derman- 92.79

9th Justin Gray – 75.91
13th Lukas Steinmann – 79.24

Slalom Combined (run 1 + run 2)

32nd Thea Fairhurst – 93.59

18th Justin Gray – 73.66
26th Lukas Steinmann- 76.71
30th Drew Pagen – 80.55

Best SL & Best GS run Combined

37th Thea Fairhurst 89.77
43rd Charlotte Derman 92.79

14th Max Weber 73.11
17th Justin Gray 74.42
26th Lukas Steinmann 77.82
33rd Drew Pagen 82.58

Ski Meister- All 4 runs combined

28th Thea Fairhurst 182.94

10th Justin Gray 149.57
15th Lukas Steinmann 155.95


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