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More Home Damage: Hurricane Ida in Rye

(VIDEO: Property flooding the night of Hurricane Ida.)

With the proverbial April showers upon us, perennial but perhaps more urgent flood mitigation discussions at city council and the upcoming June primaries ahead of the fall election season, MyRye.com is looking back at last summer’s Hurricane Ida.

On the night of Tuesday, August 31st, 2021 into Wednesday, September 1st, 2021, Hurricane Ida brought widespread destruction across Rye. 

Were you impacted by Ida? Tell us your flood story.

Rye faces a flooding triple threat–brook flooding (from both the Blind Brook and the Beaver Swamp Brook), storm water flooding (the ability of city, county and homeowner systems to handle flooding) and coastal flooding. As flooding becomes more frequent and severe, expensive complex and multi-jurisdictional solutions at mitigation will require time and great fortitude.

Homes across Rye experienced the impact of flooding – many homeowners reported experiencing flooding – or severe flooding – for the first time in memory. Because of the speed and amount of rain falling in such a short period storm water flooding (in addition to brook flooding) was a major cause of flood damage.

More photos of flood damage to homes across Rye:


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