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Girls Varsity Soccer Sends Mamaroneck Down the Post Road

Rye Girls Varsity Soccer 2022-09-24 vs. Mamaroneck

Rye Girls Varsity Soccer sent Mamaroneck down the Post Road Saturday, chiseling the win over the Tigers at home 2-1.

“Rye moved the ball successfully around Mamaroneck creating many scoring opportunities,” said Rye Girls Varsity Soccer Coach Rich Savage.

Senior Devon O’Donnell received a cross from junior captain Maddy Walsh and finished with a perfect one touch shot scoring for Rye at the 20 minute mark. With eight minutes left in the first half Maddy Walsh finished off a perfect corner from Lyla Keenan. Ella Shapiro found the back of the net for the Tigers.

Rye’s Sage Ruttenberg was injured and Mary Sack did an outstanding job at the outside back in Sage’s absence. Karenna Chaser made a few key saves for Rye.

The season is now 7-1. Watch the replay. Rye will host Harrison next Thursday, 5pm at Nugent Stadium (watch it).


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