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Inside MyRye.com with Intern Montserrat Barajas

(PHOTO: MyRye.com Spring 2022 intern Montserrat Barajas.)
(PHOTO: MyRye.com Spring 2022 intern Montserrat Barajas.)

MyRye.com welcomes interns from the City of Rye. If you have an interest in writing, editing or photography, please get in touch with us. One of our Rye High School senior interns in the Spring of 2022 was Montserrat Barajas. She completed this Q&A interview with us at the conclusion of her internship.

Your Name: Montserrat Barajas

Your Title: MyRye.com Spring 2022 intern

MyRye.com: Describe yourself in one word: Introverted 

What appealed to you about local journalism and the MyRye.com internship? 

Barajas: What appealed to me most was the writing aspect associated with the internship. I found hosting the interview with Catherine Cioffi quite enjoyable- given that I was able to write a guide for myself.

Describe a typical day during your internship. 

Barajas: My typical day consisted of most work being done at home, but occasionally having to do things in different settings. I frequently had to check my inbox even while participating in other activities- such as work, or even just hobbies. This internship provided flexibility in scheduling, I’d recommend this to anyone who has it planned to participate in more activities- given that work is submitted electronically, allowing for this flexibility. 

Tell us about one or two of your assignments. 

Barajas: While working on the Jay Heritage Memorial Day event with Fiona, I learned about the history of a place I’d honestly never considered even as a resident of Rye for 17 years. It was admirable learning about Suzanne Clary and her devotion to protect the historical background of the Jay Heritage Center. It was a lovely experience as well, being able to both honor and learn.

What happens at the 10am stand-up meeting? 

Barajas: These meetings are a great way for the group to ask any questions- and ultimately just update each other on where we are, what could use some work, and whether or not help is needed. It’s a form of communication, and it starts interns off for the day- aware of their responsibilities and what is needed from them.

The MyRye.com interns heard from seven guest speakers, all with connections to local media. What were some of the more interesting things you learned? 

Barajas: Catherine Cioffi presented a few different ways to use a degree in English. She encouraged the exploration of various job titles. 

Thanks and best of luck Montserrat!

This Q&A was completed in June 2022 when Barajas was completing her MyRye.com internship.


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