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Osborn Elementary Celebrates as Students Move Up to Middle School

(PHOTO: The Osborn Elementary School. File photo, 2020.)
(PHOTO: The Osborn Elementary School. File photo, 2020.)

Tuesday night, 81 Osborn fifth graders officially became middle schoolers. Fifth grade graduation, which was hosted in the Rye High School Auditorium, is a celebration of the accomplishments that these elementary schoolers have made in their years at Osborn, as well as a send off to middle school.

Rye Osborn Elementary School logoFifth graders Alexis Holba and Alexander Alosi recited the Pledge of Allegiance and welcomed guests. They were followed up by Osborn principal Angela Garcia, as she greeted the families and friends, and addressed the future graduates. Callie Erickson then spoke on behalf of the Board of Education.

As the Osborn Bears were welcomed across the stage, they were met with an array of handshakes. They were presented their Graduation Certificates by Angela Garcia and congratulated by Superintendent Dr. Eric Byrne and 5 fifth grade teachers Amy Carmen, Ellen Litt, Katy Buderman, Rich Savage and Lisa Tennaro.

To close out the ceremony, Reagan Woodford and Henry Blacksberg read a farewell to their classmates.

Here are the Osborn Bears that are headed to Rye Middle School this fall:

Brando Mattia Abbate

Alexander Alosi

Ella An

Jacob Archer

Eve Jordan Balger

Viviana R. Becerril

Lilah Bernardi

Cassius Bernstein

Henry Blacksberg

Lillian Blacksberg

Jamie Sema Bulman

Owen Campbell Miller

Chia Hsin Chang

Marco Cicotti Cerviño

Helena Joy Clarke

Thea Cumming

Adrien Deaner

Miles Jacob Demler

Jack DiBernardo

Samantha Driscoll

Fiona Claire Dunne

Brooke Erickson

Charles William Edward Erith

Owen Flower

Juri Fukudome

Alicia Renee Goerler

Parker Ney Haley

Alexis Constance Holba

William Reddy Howson

Glen Peter Jones

Travis Lafferty

Coco Lax

Quinlan C. Leahy

Isabelle E. Lin

Jacqueline Cade Madden

Jackson Collins Mantel

Jack Marcato

Dominic S. Maresca

Nicole Mauro

Malin A. Mehfar

Lillian Faye Miller

Ryan Miller

Teddy Murphy

Eri Nozaki

Mari Nozaki

Charles Oliver Oberbannscheidt

Charles Reid Osier

Alexander Pereira

Frederick Pohlman

Madeline Powers

William Ruben Ramsey

Maya Roose

Esperanza Rubio More

Charles Ruiz

Brian Daniel Sasse

Amelia Jade Schnieder

Joshua Ryan Shanholtz

Drew Shillito

Eddie Shoemaker

Pace Benjamin Silber

Lucy Smith

Nora Smyth

Ames Min-Le Song

Liam Nathan Stoll

Yoshifiro Sueoka

Charlotte Tait

Penelope Timchak

Gael Torres

Ava Tramontozzi

Avnita Uppal

Milin R. Velamoor

Quinn Olivia Warren

Bennet Weis

Eloise Weschler

Charlie Wing

Reagan Woodford

Bella Yi Yang


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