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Eating Rye: Evan Kalogiannis of Milton Point Provisions

Eating Rye is an occasional feature to meet the chefs and other professionals in the restaurant kitchens across Rye. When you dine-in, pick-up or call for delivery these are the folks working hard for you, your friends & family and your taste buds. Do you have a suggestion for who we should profile on Eating Rye? Tell us.

Today we meet Evan Kalogiannis of Milton Point Provisions.

Evan Kalogiannis - Milton Point Provisions - Eating Rye 05/2023
(PHOTO: Evan Kalogiannis – Head Chef of Milton Point Provisions.)

Your Name: Chef Evan Kalogiannis

Your Role:  Head chef, Milton Point Provisions

Describe yourself in one word: Passionate 

MyRye.com: How long have you been a chef at Milton Point Provisions?

So far it’s been 8 months but we have done a lot at great things in 8 months and there is a ton more to come. 

Eating Rye: Milton Point Provisions - 05 - 2023
(PHOTO: Milton Point Provisions on Milton Road)

Previously, where did you work?

I’ve traveled and cooked in places all over the states from waterfront restaurants in Rhode Island like 41 North all the way down to New Orleans, where I can honestly say I learned the most and fell in love with southern/Cajun cuisine. I worked at Shaya restaurant when they won the James Beard award for best new restaurant and I worked at Cochon with Donald Link. These are the places that stuck with me the most during that time. Also, I did a few years at Purdy’s Farmer and the Fish which taught me a lot about farm to table and seasonal vegetables.

What and when was your first paid job?

My first paying job was on a dairy farm after school bailing hay, feeding calves and pigs, and taking care of the cows. My first kitchen job was as a dishwasher at Hotchkiss private school.

Describe your path to becoming a chef: 

So my road to being a chef is actually a funny one.

I was working as a dishwasher at a private school and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Then, on one of the busiest party days of the year, a few employees called in sick and I was asked to work the party, making sandwiches and soup. Obviously they gave me recipes and walked me through them, but during this time I had so much fun and decided right then that I wanted to go to school for this. Later on, I went to Lincoln tech and from there, I traveled, worked, and tried to learn everything I could.

Evan Kalogiannis - Eating Rye - 05 - 2023
(PHOTO: Evan Kalogiannis at work in the kitchen)

What are three attributes that make someone a good chef? 

Patience, sacrifice, and grit.

Describe your restaurant’s clientele:

Laid back families, working class, teachers. Our clientele is hard to pinpoint; we are just a fun restaurant that caters to everyone.

Describe the atmosphere of your restaurant: 

Our atmosphere is a down to earth vibe; Fun, family friendly; Just a good old time.

Describe the physical attributes of your restaurant:

Open kitchen, wood burning rotisserie, counter bar seating, outdoor patio with picnic tables and a smoker. Overall a really cool spot.

Match a recommended meal with each season:

Occasion Recommended Meal
Warm summer evening Wood roasted branzino with escarole and gigante beans and white wine 
Crisp fall day  Grilled pork chop with braised apples cabbage and mustard jus 
Cold winter day Shrimp and grits a 100 times over 
Muddy wet spring night Fried soft shell crab with a ramp pesto and tons of pickled onions 


What is your favorite dish on the menu and why?

So I would have to say there are two favorites. The Nashville hot chicken sando. We call it The Big Nash-ty. People have said it’s life changing and I tend to agree. Or I would have to say our rotisserie chicken meal with mash our seasonal veg and an amazing salsa verde.

What’s the most underrated day of week and time of day to enjoy your restaurant? 

I feel like a Saturday night at like 5-6. We are done with our crazy lunch rush, the vibe is a little bit calmer and the rotisserie chicken is just coming off the grill. I feel it’s the perfect time.

MPP - Eating Rye - 05/2023
(PHOTO: Chef Evan Kalogiannis holding fresh rotisserie chickens. Photo from @miltonpointprovisions on instagram.)

Thanks, Evan!


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