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Eating Rye: Jarrod Jackette of Playa Bowls

Eating Rye is an occasional feature to meet the chefs and other professionals in the restaurant kitchens across Rye. When you dine-in, pick-up or call for delivery these are the folks working hard for you, your friends & family and your taste buds. Do you have a suggestion for who we should profile on Eating Rye? Tell us.

Today we meet Jarrod Jackette of Playa Bowls.

(PHOTO: Owner of Playa Bowls Jarrod Jackette standing outside Playa Bowls in Rye)
(PHOTO: Owner of Playa Bowls Jarrod Jackette standing outside Playa Bowls in Rye.)

Your Name: Jarrod Jackette

Your Role: Owner

The name of your restaurant: Playa Bowls

MyRye.com: Describe yourself in one word: Driven

How long have you been an owner at Playa Bowls?

Jackette: 6 Years

Previously, where did you work?

Jackette: Futures Trader

What and when was your first paid job? 

Jackette: Maintenance man at the town pool. 

Describe your restaurant’s clientele: 

Jackette: Healthy, active and quality focused adults. We also see a large amount of younger people looking for a fun upbeat environment to enjoy healthy options. 

Playa Bowls Rye
(PHOTO: Playa Bowls on 18 Purdy Avenue in downtown Rye.)

Describe the atmosphere of your restaurant: 

Jackette: Upbeat, clean, and friendly. The music is always on, the TVs are on; we want to create a beach vacation vibe so that people can relax, enjoy, and take a mental break with friends, or alone. 

Describe the physical attributes of your restaurant:

Jackette: Centrally located in downtown Rye. We have some outdoor seating as well as table and bar seating inside. The interior is vibrant with all the murals on the wall painted by hand. We try to capture the boardwalk or beach shop vibe. 

Match a recommended meal with each season:

Occasion Recommended Meal
Warm summer evening Any bowl or Smoothie will do
Crisp fall afternoon One of our fall specials like the pumpkin pie smoothie
Cold winter day A warm oatmeal bowl with fresh fruit
Muddy wet spring night A cold brew or a dolce latte smoothie. 


What is your favorite dish on the menu and why? 

Jackette: The Dolce Smoothie. Peanut butter, banana, chocolate protein and Coconut Milk. Always tasty and gets me the stuff I need after a workout or to get through the day. 

What’s the most underrated day of week and time of day to enjoy your restaurant? 

Jackette: Morning for sure. Always a great way to get a healthy start and get your metabolism going. Don’t sleep through it!

Thanks Jarrod!


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