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Latimer Gets a Gold Star

George Latimer is bragging about his gold star.

George latimer at podium W GOLD STAR w MYRYE Assemblyman George Latimer (D-Westchester, 91st A.D.) sent out a press release to tell us he was one of 50 Assembly members – one-third of the chamber's 150 members – who scored  a perfect 100% attendance record for the 2009 legislative session. Latimer serves on the Environmental & Conservation; Transportation; Labor; Government Operations; Local Governments; and Insurance committees.

Latimer was present and voting for all 68 Assembly session days, starting in January, and ending on June 22. The State Senate, due to the well-documented monthly-long gridlock, continued their legislative session into July.

When the legislative session ends, Latimer is based in his Mamaroneck District Office, and works a full schedule each week.


  1. Good for Mr. Latimer – at least he’s trying. Under all the liberal democratic rhetoric he espouses it’s pretty clear Mr. Latimer remains a very decent, caring guy. Too bad the Albany game is so badly rigged that the state has little need for “input” from the likes of him and continues in its unceasing quest for insolvency.


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