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The Last Word: City Council Candidate Peter Jovanovich

MyRye.com asked each city council and mayoral candidate for their "last word" – what they'd each like to say the voters of Rye before each of you head to the polls this Tuesday, November 3rd. We'll be running these "last words" Saturday, Sunday, and some may run Monday.

This "last word" comes from city council candidate Peter Jovanovich:

Peter Jovanovich 2Doug French, Rich Filippi, Suzanna Keith, and I offer a distinct choice. We believe that City government can stop the extraordinary rise in taxes: 50% over the last seven years. We believe that the City can repair its roads, sidewalks and traffic signals in order to improve pedestrian safety, instead of spending millions on a new police station and courthouse. And, we believe the City can forge new kinds of labor agreements ­— ones that increase productivity in order to maintain services without higher taxes.

The incumbents in this election ardently defend the status quo. They point to their tenure — as long as twelve years in the case of the mayor — as reason for their reelection. Nevertheless, I believe voters realize that incumbency can be an obstacle to reform. So many issues — like the lack of proper crosswalks downtown and around schools – remain unaddressed, while the current Council spends countless hours defending the decisions of the past.

Let me close by saying this: real reform will not be accomplished without the election of Doug French as mayor. Given the power of the mayor to set the City’s agenda, appoint new members to boards and commissions, and, most importantly, create a sense of urgency and decisiveness, it’s vital that we the voters elect a new leader of our city government. Doug French has what it takes: the requisite temperament, skills, and decisiveness, to make a great mayor.

Peter Jovanovich

Can't Decide?

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