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Home Sports Violence in Wake of Rye Harrison Football Game; Two Arrests

Violence in Wake of Rye Harrison Football Game; Two Arrests

Fifty police officers from 14 local jurisdictions were called into Rye City after "numerous" fights broke out in the wake of Rye's 21 – 0 loss to Harrison on the home field Saturday afternoon.

So much for sportsmanship…

MyRye.com got in touch with Rye PD Commish William Connors, who provided the following details:

"At the end of the game Harrison spectators rushed onto the field. A number of Rye students — not members of the football team — reportedly blocked the Blind Brook to prevent Harrison players and spectators from jumping into the Brook to celebrate their victory. Numerous fights broke out in the area between the Brook and the back of the High School/Middle School. Subsequently, minor disturbances were reported in the downtown area. Additional officers were initially requested from Port Chester, Rye Brook, and Harrison. A Level One Mutual Aid Response was activated, which mobilizes personnel from approximately fourteen jurisdictions within Mutual Aid Zone C and designated county-wide agencies, a total of about fifty officers. A number of officers were assigned to patrol posts at locations throughout the City, particularly the downtown area; others remained on standby at the staging area. Crowds dispersed and conditions returned to normal within an hour or so, and Mutual Aid personnel were de-mobilized beginning at 6:00 P.M.

Two arrests were made. One male was arrested for Disorderly Conduct after striking a male in the face causing injury (possible loose teeth), although the victim declined to press charges for assault. A second male was arrested on a harrassment charge unrelated to the disturbance. A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in front of 66 Milton Road, sustaining a leg injury; we are investigating whether that incident was related to the game. No other injuries were reported by police officers or civilians."


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