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Options For Rye Golf Club Explored

The Rye city council and an advisory board looking at options for the scandal ridden Rye Golf Club met recenty to discuss various options. LoHud.com had a recent write-up on the current state of affairs:

"Looking longer-term, a city-appointed Strategic Committee pitched a number of options to explore: hiring a third party to operate Whitby Castle restaurant and catering facility, or outsourcing the entire restaurant, pool and golf operation. Councilman Peter Jovanovich has proposed moving the pool operation into the city recreation department.

The club has run at a loss since 2009, while membership dues increased. The surplus account has been dramatically reduced since the city took over Whitby Castle restaurant from a concessionaire in 2006, according to the committee’s report…

City Manager Scott Pickup said the club is running $600,000 behind in revenue compared with 2012. That may reflect the restaurant’s closure through March of this year, incentives offered to renewing members, and general bad press."

Read the entire piece.

  1. First positive move is to terminate the “enforcer” (a.k.a. Angela Runco);
    Second, revise their discriminatory rules pertaining to Pool for Two and pool members cannot play as a guest of a golf member; and
    Third, get it into their thick, power trip, corrupt heads that the staff works for the membership who pays their salaries and NOT the other way around. Do you think this “staff is God mentality” goes on anywhere else? Recently, City Attorney Wilson asked me to be more respectful to which I now reply, who the hell appointed her as the gatekeeper, and whoever adorned her, what planet are they living on???

  2. Laus Toys in Your Dumas:
    The only thing in the dumpster at Rye Golf Club is your dumas and Mayor French’s political career.

    I also saw the pronunciation of Peter Jovanovich’s name in there as well and what appeared to be a draft of Filippi’s Nazi’s speech on a roll of toilet paper. Oops, correction, that wasn’t Filippi’s speech after all… just a giant sh*t stain.

    Like the one French left on Rye.

    Use more ????????????’s on your posts dumas in the attic.

  3. It’s clear that change was needed at RGC. Getting rid of the unethical gm was basically all that was wrong HOWEVER do you really feel that the club is better now? It’s about to be turned into a public pool like saxon woods. Hope that’s what the rgc commission wants. You can’t even keep the volunteers that had the professional experience it took to stay on the RFP committee. It’s members like PSL that feel that they are entitled to be members just because the city owns it that are ruining it. Word on the street is that it was the unethical gm that bent over backwards keeping PSL a member even though he failed to pay his dues and even scammed the snack bar out of money all summer long a few years back.

  4. And why do my posts keep getting deleted?

    Leon where are you when we need you the most? Enough with the local radio spots. We need you to find out where the final reports are? Why is the DA taking so long? Surely SY committed something criminal!

    TedC don’t you have any pull around here? We want a new lausdeo post at least once a week if not twice! Please???

  5. Louse Dumas,

    So long as you venture to continue to embarrass yourself on this blog, let’s cover a few things:
    1. It is not a city owned facility, it is an “enterprise fund” owned by its members…perhaps you did not continue your schooling enough, or at all, to differentiate the two;
    2. Pertaining to your allegations against me, of course, you have solid evidence to back it up, where if not it is LIBEL, SLANDER, and ASSAULT…a crime. You are not a member of the Media so you have no 1st Amendment rights.
    3. Let me refresh your memory, or provide you with an original advisement, that any one so foolhardy to violate my civil or contractual rights, those of my son, or those of my shareholders either directly or indirectly gets to see us in Federal Court for the next 3 years.
    4. I knew you were going to take the bait, so some exceptionally adept tech guys (a.k.a. “hackers”) have pinned down your IP address and when I have your IP address I have everything…name, address to serve, etc.; and
    4. Before we get to that unpleasant part, I will give you 24 hours to either post your evidence or retract your baseless allegations, where if I determine I suffer damages from your baseless tirade, and a process server arrives at your door, you have no one to blame but yourself; and lastly
    5. This candidate for Rye City Council takes no prisoners, never had, never will…I don’t care who you are…

  6. PSL it seems like you are stalking me & cyber bullying me. Be careful! I guess a bully doesn’t like it when their victims push back. What ever happened to being civil? STOP THE BULLYING! (and the BS)

    It’s been a long long time since my last history class but I think there is more to the 1st amendment than what you allude to.

    Hacking??? Lawsuits??? Is this what Rye wants for their elected officials? And people wonder why one would want to post anonymously. This is a perfect example no?

  7. PSL, go for it I say. Have your hackers go after Louse’s info. Get their address. Call people names.

    Is this a peek into how you will conduct yourself if you are elected?

    Jim and tedc, I am curious as to your thoughts of PSL’s postings here and on Patch. Surely you must have an opinion.

  8. RIP PD? Officer?

    Jim, we’ve exchanged posts for probably three years now. Occasionally you refer to me as a police officer. I then tell you I am not. What do I say that makes you think I am?

    At least I haven’t been accused of being Doug’s neighbor (yet!).

  9. Avg Officer,

    You seem to have a vast erray of Local Police Dept. knowledge, you answer every question with conviction, you are always referring to “the sicilian eggplant”, you are forever defending the PD wrong or right, if you are not an officer then you are the closest thing to one.

  10. Jim, I’m stumped: “the sicilian eggplant”? Help me with this one.

    Defending the PD? I seem to remember the last conversations we had involved OT for Crossing Guard duty, which I said was outrageous. If I was part of RPD, I would have endorsed it!!!

    The other was (I think) something about RPD guarding Susan Keith. The PC replied to you that they weren’t doing it and I said that I never would have answered that question that way. I would have said we don’t comment on such issues.

    Again Jim, I have nothing to do with RPD, and other than supporting all LEO’s, I have no connection whatsoever with them. Or the School Board. Or either Scott or Doug.

  11. Jim on a side note that was a very nice letter you wrote that regarding your car show.

    Can you get Leon to get us some updates on the golf club debacle? What ever happened to the bank records/final report from Brune & Richard? And I thought the DA’s office was going to release something?

    It’s been an awfully slow month or two around here! thanks in advance and good luck on your council run.

  12. Ok, whatever. S.EP – aka my liTTle friend on the force that loves me so dearly, lol!

    You know who I’m talking about, that Rye Cop who refused to allow any Officers to sign up for overtime to help cross pedestrians and children from Wappanocca across Highland during my Car Show that raised money for the children. Considering that the available Rye Officers that could have signed for it saw a need to feed into that LOSERS ego and put kids and parents in danger the Auxilary PD stepped up in a HUGE WAY. So much so that when Mr. LOSER PBA Prez found out the Auxilary PD covered the show he flipped his sicilian wig for about a week, I heard he was so incensed that they had to medicate his sorry A**…..LOL!!!

    This is the garbage Connors brings us, nice huh??? A cop who puts his personal feelings before the safety of the children of which the community he serves and that pays his sorry ass salary!!!

    STAY TUNED…I have a meeting W/MY “A TEAM” on Monday morning & an investagation interview with the RPD one day next week – I hope the boyz are saying their prayers…this is about to get extremely ugly for them!!!

  13. It has been more than 2 months since members were promised the final report of Brune & Richard pertaining to the Rye (staff is God) Golf Club investigation; none has been forthcoming. What does this tell you? What it tells me is the allegations have risen to a tsunami of racketeering schemes that do not only involve the “Sole Criminal Genius” of Scott Yandrasevich that the findings were brought directly to the Westchester DA now cloaked in secrecy under the wing of Republican turned Democrat to block Tony Castro Janet DiFiore. Give her all the time she needs, don’t rush her, as you don’t want her to build a case full of holes. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” MLK, Jr

  14. …and when Janet does speak from her lips to the U.S. Attorney’s ears, keep your windows open when you drive through downtown Rye because you just might hear some jingling (…and no it is not Santa Claus) of handcuffs emanating from City Hall to Rye PD, at which time we can sing in the words of the old spiritual “FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, WE ARE FREE AT LAST” MKL, Jr – I have a Dream Speech, 08/28/63 – Mach on Washington.

  15. …and until that day, and only until that day, from Janet’s lips to the U.S. Attorney’s ears and when we hear that jingling of hand cuffs, we can once again take pride in the words “Ich bin ein Rye resident.” JFK 06/26/1963, Miller Center, Berlin, DE.

  16. Breaking – Retribution Solution!



    Galante here joins a long line of Rye City Corruption “truth tellers” who were retaliated against including: a City Naturalist, a PBA President, a local father (arrested) pushing for a simple stop sign test, a senior citizen engineer (arrested) trying to protect destroyed wetlands on his property, a local born city employee who refused to conceal a public record as ordered by this same city manager, and several more unnamed (we know about you and you have our thanks).

  17. Ummm, excuse me, but…where is the City Council liason to RGC on this one? Clearly, it is the dog days of summer but if they moved any slower on issues, they would fall asleep. This might be impetus to paying a small stipend to sit on the City Council and perhaps they would be more accountable. This is exactly where the outgoing Rod Brown’s (and STEVE OTIS the Demi-god’s) “even keeled” candidates would fit right in…


    Mayor Doug French’s post-Yandrasevich governance plan for Rye Golf Club was shot down in unanimous fashion at last night’s RGC commission meeting–leaving many with the sense it’s a post-French strategy that the golf club would benefit most from. Commissioners, in a rare moment of unity, found the plan “unacceptable” in its current state.


    Unlike this week’s unexpected New Haven Line commutation interruptus, Rye Golf Members and city resident taxpayers knew this day was coming. They knew it because after all, how can change be expected when a senior city hall decision team remains unchanged? Failure begets failure – no matter what disingenuous conflicted elected officials promise. Now guess who pays the bills?




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