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I-95 Thru Rye Part of $48M Repaving Project

Interstate Highway 95 thru Rye will be repaved as part of a $48 million repaving project this spring from Pelham up the the I-287 interchange.

LoHud.com has the details:

"This spring, the New York State Thruway Authority plans to begin resurfacing 14 miles of the major link — the section from Pelham Bay Park to Interstate 287. The only Westchester section not scheduled for the work is the piece from I-287 to Connecticut…

But the work, expected to be completed next year, could also worsen traffic by closing lanes temporarily.

State Sen. George Latimer, D-Rye, who travels the road frequently, said local communities would likely be made aware of the schedule to anticipate possible worsened traffic clogs in areas such as downtown Mamaroneck and New Rochelle.

Latimer said the road is not in terrible condition, but that the work is welcome to keep the major connection from New York City to Connecticut in good shape.

“It’s not rutted with potholes,” he said. “It’s not in some sort of abysmal condition.”

More than 119,000 vehicles travel the section in Pelham Manor and New Rochelle each day, on average, state Department of Transportation figures show. That is fewer than the 132,000 vehicles that cross the Tappan Zee Bridge each day(with even more vehicles traveling the section of Thruway just west of the bridge), but it still makes I-95 one of the most heavily traveled roads in the region."

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