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Parker: It’s Raining Cats and Dogs (from Houston)

More specifically, it is about to rain 35-40 dogs and 10 cats… all coming to Rye from Houston and all looking for homes.

Dogs 2

Rye resident, business owner and Westchester County pol Catherine Parker reports a pet rescue operation is looking for homes for dogs and cats displaced in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area. If you can help, speak up:

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"Pet Rescue in Harrison has committed to taking 35-40 dogs and 10 cats from the flooded areas north of Houston. FEMA is estimating there are 18,000 displaced dogs and 11,000 displaced cats in the 30 impacted counties. This area will be suffering for months (if not years) to come.

The animals brought to our area will be re-homed locally since many of the Houston families will be displaced for a very long time. In order to bring more, Pet Rescue needs foster homes for dogs and cats, until a permanent home can be found. Yours will be a temporary home that could last several months.

If you have never fostered, or have a mom/dad, cousin, friend, neighbor who may want to help out one of these displaced dogs or cats, please reach out to them today. Any additional foster homes means another animal that can be rescued from the makeshift shelters in Texas.

The transport is expected to leave Texas on September 11th. It will take them 2-3 days to get to Harrison.

If you are able to foster a dog or cat please consider filling out an application."


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