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Giving Friday: The Rye Free Reading Room (It Ain’t Free!)

Spelling Bee Rye

(PHOTOS: First Annual Spelling Bee winners at the Rye Free Reading Room. Left: middle school winner Shannon Haines; Right: high school winner Jonathan Lloyd. An official engraved trophy along with $500 (middle school prize) and $2,500 (high school prize) will be awarded to the winners, sponsored in part by Carpet Trends.)

Welcome to Giving Friday at MyRye.com. Today we ask you to consider the Rye Free Reading Room, an important part of our community.

For the Rye Free Reading Room there is no “free” without you. The library is 75% funded with the generous support of the City and each year the library needs your help to close the funding gap. With your support the library is able to provide Rye with free literacy, enrichment, and community.

We give our thanks to all the members who support the library’s Annual Campaign and hope we can count on you to donate today.

You can donate online.


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