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Police Blotter: Semi Permanently Lost, Found Money, Bambi Flees the Scene, Trash Pandas Freed

The police blotter is a highlight of recent activity from the City of Rye Police Department.

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Semi Permanently Lost. July 8. Lea Place / Midland Avenue. semi truck lost from i95 OV Call: escorted back to i287.

____s Make Good Neighbors. July 8. Lindbergh Avenue / Chamberlain Street. Caller reported that his neighbor intentionally placed a fence in the roadway and it is creating a hazardous condition. Fence designed for kids-at-play was left on the side of Linbergh. Fence did not cause a hazardous road condition, nor did the fence impede vehicular traffic. Asked homeowner in the future to only utilize fence when the kids are playing. Also advised homeowner to purchase a DOT approved sign that won’t impede traffic.

Found Money. July 8. Rye Police HQ. Walk-in dropped off a wallet they found.

Out of Gas? July 8. Theodore Fremd Avenue. Caller stated that there is no one working at the Mobil gas station. He stated that people were taking products and leaving money on the counter.

Not Constructive. July 9. Apawamis Avenue. Construction prior to 0730hrs. Spoke to workers and homeowner again – tickets will be issued going forward for city code violation.

Hope Ticket is Waterproof. July 9. Milton Harbor. N40 56.830/W73 41.956 mooring with swim platform. 2018 mooring sticker, violation tag placed on mooring ball.

Bambi Flees the Scene. July 9. Midland Avenue / Playland Parkway. Animal stuck by motor vehicle. multiple calls on a deer. Canvassed the area. GOA (gone on arrival).

Off Road on the Road. on July 9. Forest Avenue / Manursing Way. caller reports two individuals riding ATVs in the street. spoke to walkers in the area who stated they went south on Forest. Area was canvassed unable to locate.

Cap’ed. July 9. Scotch Caps / Long Island Sound. Report of vessel on West Rock. Unknown damages, injuries. Parties assisted, no complaint of injury. Rec boating accident report completed.

Party Over. July 9th (at 23:56 hours). Rye Bar & Grill – Second Street / Station Plaza. Loud music from Rye Grill & Bar. Low volume of music heard on the exterior patio. Made contact with a manager stated they usually turn it off completely by midnight. Music turned off.

Kept on Truck’in. July 10. Midland Avenue / Playland Parkway. Caller reports a very large flatbed tractor trailer took down the sign at the above intersection.

Out on a Limb. July 10. Grace Church Street / Kirby Lane. REPORT OF TREE DOWN BLOCKING THE ROAD. DPW NOTIFIED. Tree is blocking half of the roadway. Passable only by passenger vehicle. No wires down observed. Tree does not require officer to standby.

Again. July 10. Soundview Avenue. REPORT OF TREE DOWN BLOCKING THE ROADWAY. DPW notified and on scene.

Again. July 10. Forest Avenue / Martin Road. REPORT OF A TREE AND WIRES DOWN AS WELL AS A POSSIBLE FIRE. FD DISPATCHED. Scene turned over to Rye FD.

Trash Pandas Freed. July 11. Purchase Street. Report of animal noise coming from the parking area. Observed several traps placed along parking spaces with 2 raccoons inside them. One animal was making a loud squealing noise. Unable to make contact with owner of traps. Animals released from trap. Appeared normal.

Perv Alert. July 11. Milton Road / Palisade Road. report of a yellow van possibly watching young girls at high school area. canvassed dispatch point, then canvassed area around rye rec and high school. Negative results.

Perv Alert #2. July 11. Milton Avenue / Playland Parkway. Caller states a maroon colored van with florida tags is parked alongside parkway and appears to be trying to lure a kid in from the side of the road. Caller had no further information. CHECKED SURROUNDING AREA WITH NEGATIVE RESULTS, GOA.

Thief in Aisle Seven. July 11. CVS, Boston Post Road. cvs manager states someone attempted to steal property but failed. car 18 sent. Incident Reactivated.

Speed bump. July 11. Milton Harbor.  Speed buoy moved due to tropical storm Fay near M&M buoy. Was able to bring it closer to the mouth of the harbor. Could not continue to return it due to the winds and 4ft seas. Will advise A tour.

Tree Down, Wires Follow. July 11. Purchase Street / Ridge Street. CALLER REPORTS A TREE HAS FALLEN ONTO WIRES AT SAID LOCATION. CAR 11 AND 12 SENT. FD on scene. con ed and DPW also requested. Stopped traffic at Ridge / High for ConED and Fire to operate.


Trash Panda Set Free. July 12. North Street. report of raccoon in garbage and complainant too frightened to knock it over RELEASED BACK TO WILD. 98

Not Onboard. July 13. Depot Plaza. harrison PD advises they have a male white wearing a long gray t-shirt walking east on the tracks from the Harrison station. car 10 sent to Theodore Fremd to observe area in an effort to spot person. MALE IDENTIFIED. BACKED HARRISON PD, TOT MTA POLICE.

Check Out The Room First. July 13 Marriott Courtyard, Midland Avenue. front desk state a guest wishes to check out but is afraid to go to her room alone. guest states the person in the adjoining room is making strange noises and she fears for her safety. she can hear said guest through wall. cars 16 and 11 sent. guest was escorted to her room checked out of hotel without issue.


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