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Police Blotter: Smile, You Ding-Dong; Gassy Withdrawal & More

The police blotter is a highlight of recent activity from the City of Rye Police Department.

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I’m Gonna Pump, You Out. December 17. Stuyvesant Avenue. Alarm-Pump Station. High water alarm from the Stuyvesant pump station. DPW notified. (Micalizzi)

Smile, You Ding-Dong. December 17. Lynden Street. Suspicious Person. Caller reports that a male exited a black Jeep Wrangler and rang his doorbell. I spoke with the caller. He states a person walked up to his home and rang doorbell. Then the person realized that there was a camera at the door then attempted to hide himself and left area. He then walked to his vehicle that was parked on Brown. The caller states he has a camera around property so I will go back at 7-7:30 to look at camera footage. The homeowner sent over a copy of his ring camera video. The video shows a dark colored wrangler pulling up to the front of the house, where a man got out of the front passenger seat. He walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell once waited then did it again. When no one answered he walked back down the driveway and to the jeep that went from in front of the house to the side on Brown. I was unable to get a look at the license plate. The person was wearing a collared shirt with a jeans jacket, dark pants and sneakers.

I’m Gonna Pump, You Out. December 17. Manursing Island Pump Station. Alarm-Pump Station. Operator WA006 reports a high water alarm at the Manursing Island Pump Station. DPW Foreman notified. DPW Notified. Non-Emergency Call. CALL TAKER HANDLED EVENT.

Raining Violations. December 18. Boston Post Road / Soundview Avenue. City Code Violation – UN Unshoveled Sidwalk. soundview/US 1/OBA unshoveled walkways. SIDEWALKS WILL BE SHOVELED.

Sniffing Out the Situation. December 18. Dearborn Avenue / Overlook Place. Dog Complaint. report of dog in the street. 10-90.

Dropping a Dime on the Sledders. December 18. Boston Post Road / Soundview Avenue. Illegally Parked Vehicle. Party called to report cars parked on both sides of the street not allowing Fire or EMS response. He thinks it is cars parked for kids sledding on golf course. vehicles moved.

Gassy Withdrawal. December 18. Boston Post Road. Utility-Odor Of Gas BANK – CITIBANK. Caller reports walking out of Citibank and smelling a strong odor of natural gas. 60 Control notified.

Sending TUMS. December 18. Boston Post Road. Alarm-Burglary Bank Citibank. reports multi zones activated at Citibank. 12/18/2020 20:55:10 conED on scene. building secure. Con ed emergency on scene for a gas leak.

Call Mr. Heatmiser, He’s Mr. 101. December 18. Boston Post Road / Orchard Avenue. Road-Icy/Snowy. Caller reports a large pile of snow at the corner of Orchard and US1 making a narrow lane of traffic. dpw notified by dispatch.

Holiday Cheer vs. Grinch. December 19. Vale Place. Suspicious Person. 2 M/W’s approx 13 years old on Bicycles attempted to enter the compl residence. Clothing Description dark hoodies. Youths dropping off holiday decoration awards. no further. backed.

STOP. See If It’s Working. December 21. Boston Post Road / Purchase Street. Road-Traffic Light Malfunction. steady light, not cycling. unit 12 states working at this time. DPW is going to check it, to see if the light needs reprogramming.

Sadness. December 22. Marriott Courtyard / Midland Avenue. Overdose. CPD reports 911 call requesting ambulance to above location (Marriott Rm 342) for possible drug overdose. EMS disp. greenwich.

Raining Violations. December 22. Wainwright Street. City Code Violation – UN Unshoveled Sidwalk. unshoveled sidewalk. City Code issued. 95.

10-4 Good Buddy. December 22. Locust Avenue / Theodore Fremd. Assist Citizen. Caller reports that a truck needs assistance turning around.

Lock. Your. Vehicle. December 22. Cottage Street. Larceny from Motor Vehicle. Caller reports items missing from his vehicle.

Santa Mishap? December 22. Midland Avenue / Peck Avenue. report of several bags of wrapped christmas presents on the ground near rye colony. AREA CANVASSED NO SIGNS OF LOST PROPERTY. 10-98.


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