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Varsity Football Minces Pelham 43-21 in Season Opener

Rye Varsity Football vs. Pelham 03-20-2021 - 6

With all the continuing tumult of COVID, some thought it might never happen. Rye Boys Varsity Football minced Pelham 43-21 in its season opener at Pelham on Saturday afternoon. It was the second game of the “Fall II” season, coming after Girls Varsity Volleyball won its season opener on Thursday. Girls Varsity Cheerleading was also out at Pelham delivering support to the boys on the gridiron.

Rye Varsity Football vs. Pelham 03-20-2021 - 4Varsity Football Coach Dino Garr outlined the highlights of the game. “Touchdown reception by WR Liam Lavelle thrown by Owen Kovacks,” said Garr. “Outstanding special teams play and overall team effort especially led by the Captains. Balanced offense both running and throwing the ball. Great way to open the season!”

“Outstanding RB Caden Whaling,” continued Garr. “QB’s Teddy Berkery and Owen Kovacks did an impressive job with team management. Defensive stalwarts MLB Ryan Surhoff, DB Jack Bartlett and LB Jack Garnett.”

Rye Varsity Football vs. Pelham 03-20-2021 - 4

“The Rye Varsity Competitive Cheerleading team made their season debut at today’s football game vs Pelham,” said Varsity Cheerleading Coach Melissa Marsden. “We welcomed back 9 returners and 5 new cheerleaders this season. The girls have been working out since mid January before we even knew if there was going to be a season or not. The girls have made major improvements even in a short amount of time and a ton of COVID restrictions related to stunting and tumbling. We are looking to add a couple competitions to our schedule this season in addition to supporting our football team.”

Next Saturday the Varsity football and cheerleading teams head across 287 to face the Sleepy Hollow Horsemen. You can watch a replay of the Pelham game.

Rye Varsity Cheerleading at Pelham 03-20-2021

Rye Varsity Cheerleading team 2021
The Rye Varsity Cheerleading Team 2021


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