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NYS DEC Invites Comment on Brownfield Site Plan for United Hospital Site

NYS DEC United Hospital Brownfield

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation opened comment Wednesday on the Brownfield site investigation for the old United Hospital site in Port Chester, just across the City of Rye border and opposite the Whole Foods and Kohl’s shopping center. The investigation will be the basis for a “Remedial Investigation Work Plan” to clean up the site.

Before construction and development work is done on a site like this, various testing is done to see what remediation might be necessary under the State’s brownfield program to mitigate environmental hazards.

From the DEC:

“Highlights of the Proposed Site Investigation: The investigation will define the nature and extent of contamination in soil, surface water, groundwater and any other parts of the environment that may be affected.

Previous investigations have detected semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), metals, and petroleum in soil and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), SVOCs, and metals in groundwater on site.

Key components of the investigation work include:

  • Drilling and sampling soil borings to identify possible on-site sources of contamination;
  • Collecting soil vapor samples; and
  • Installing and sampling ground water wells to monitor impacts from areas of concern on-site.”

You can read the DEC notice here and submit comments through June 11, 2021.


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