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Letters of Pride: Katie Pagen, Heritage Lane

MyRye.com is publishing a series of letters of support for raising the Pride flag on City flagpoles. The letters were sent to the City ahead of the City Council voting to fly the flag, and are a matter of public record.

PRIDE flag

From: Katie P

Subject: Please Raise the Pride Flag

Date: April 23, 2021 at 10:04:57 AM EDT

To: <ohn@ryeny.gov>, <jsouza@ryeny.gov>, <bstacks@ryeny.gov>,

<sgoddard@ryeny.gov>, <rmecca@ryeny.gov>, <ptarlow@ryeny.gov>,


Please raise the Pride Flag in Rye Schools. These kids need to know that we support them. It’s the right thing to do for their mental health. It’s the decent thing to do as humans. This $10,000 risk assessment is a waste of time and money. I am embarrassed to live in a town that doesn’t show support and inclusion for all.

Yesterday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a blanket authorization for

U.S. diplomatic outposts around the world to fly the Pride flag on the same flagpole as the U.S. flag at their embassy or consulate showcasing support for LGBTQ rights.

Every. Embassy. In. The. World.

I am in favor of a City Council resolution to raise the Pride flag in Rye.

Katie Pagen

Heritage Lane


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