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Where I Work: City Manager Greg Usry

Where I Work - 07 - 2021 Greg Usry
(PHOTO: Usry at his desk)

Where I Work showcases people who work in Rye. The feature is inspired in part by exploring how the pandemic has impacted our work environment and part by wanting to understand how and where people work inside the City of Rye.

Today we meet Rye’s City Manager Greg Usry.

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Your Name: Greg Usry

Your Company: The City of Rye

MyRye.com: What do you do?

Usry: City Manager

Where I Work - 07 -2021 - Greg Usry office
(PHOTO: Usry’s office)

Where do you work?

Usry: Primarily, I work from a third floor office at City Hall. However, because my job entails the entire City operations I am often visiting the various City buildings and activities all over Rye.

When I am in my office I have the best view of any in the City, as I get to look out each day at the Town Green. There isn’t a day that goes by without activities provided by the library, the current butterfly installation from the Rye Arts Center and Lions Club and the countless picnics and after school social gatherings. It really is a great “look” into everything that is going on in the community. During the COVID shut down I was the only employee at City Hall, which was surreal.

Where I Work - 07 - 2021 - Greg Usry photo
(PHOTO: A photo Usry keeps near his desk)

Describe your desk and office. 

Usry: My desk and office look exactly like what you would imagine a City Manager’s office to look like; a great deal of stacked papers and files. The City has so many projects going on that I just try to keep my desk under control. One of the first things I did when I arrived was to install giant white board to keep track of priorities, projects and deliverables I have promised. I keep some pictures of my family close by, as well as a wonderful photograph on the wall taken my son, Jack, during a trip to Montana. It is definitely a “no frills” work area.


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