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Endorsements Roll In

Endorsements are rolling in for our local Rye election races next Tuesday, November 2nd.

The combined Moving Rye Forward ticket of incumbents Mayor Josh Cohn and City Council Reps Julie Souza and Ben Stacks announced endorsements Monday by County boss and Rye guy George Latimer as well as Rye’s own County Legislator Catherine Parker.

Governor Kathy Hochul with City Council Candidate Lisa Tannenbaum 2
(PHOTO: Governor Kathy Hochul with City Council Candidate Lisa Tannenbaum at the Westchester Democratic Committee’s brunch on Sunday.)

Lisa Tannenbaum, running for City Council for the first time, posted a photo on social media from the Westchester Democratic Committee’s brunch on Sunday with her and Governor Kathy Hochul, saying it was a “fabulous opportunity to advocate for support for Rye”. She has posted endorsements from Latimer (she worked for Latimer), former Congressman Elliot Engel (she worked for Engel too), State Senator Shelley Mayer as well as various advocacy groups for labor and the Hudson Valley Stonewall Democrats, LGBTQ+ advocates.

Josh Nathan, running for Council for the remaining 2 years on Pam Tarlow’s old seat, has also posted endorsements from Latimer and Parker, as well as State Assemblyman and former Rye Mayor Steve Otis and Democratic Chair Shari Punyon.

Bill Henderson, running for a full Council term, and Jana Seitz, running against Nathan for Tarlow’s old seat, have a harder go for local endorsements. They are both running on the GOP ticket and the local Rye elected officials handing out endorsements – Latimer, Mayer, Otis, Parker – are all Dems.

If you are confused by who is running for what, it is understandable. Here is the deal:

  1. Mayor. You have one choice – Josh Cohn is running unopposed. The real battle here was back in June when Cohn defeated Daniel Tagger-Epstein in the Democratic primary. You’ll still find Tagger-Epstein on the Working Families line, but she is not running an active campaign.
  2. City Council – three (3) available full, four-year terms. Pick three (3): Incumbents Julie Souza and Ben Stacks, Lisa Tannenbaum (Democratic line) or Bill Henderson (GOP line)
  3. City Council – one (1) available partial, two-year term to fill Pam Tarlow’s council seat. Pick one: Jana Seitz (GOP line) or Josh Nathan (Democratic line).

If you don’t vote, then don’t complain! Watch the various debates, and read our MyRye.com Q&As with each candidate – the most exhaustive interviews available – follow the links:


  1. Fellow Rye voters, you do have a choice for Mayor. You can vote for Danielle Tagger-Epstein on the Working Families ballot line. Or you can write in another name. Don’t be fooled by a narrative that pretends you have no choice.


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