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Pet Adoption: Creampuff, Petite and Attentive

(PHOTO: Creampuff the Cat)
(PHOTO: Creampuff the Cat)

MyRye.com features dogs and cats weekly that are up for adoption by Pet Rescue, a no-kill pet shelter in Harrison, NY. 

Status: Adoptable
Age: 4
Breed: DSH – Orange Tabby
Gender: Female
Adult size: Small (35 lbs & under)

Creampuff is a petite girl with a friendly, outgoing personality. She has a habit of tilting her head and looking directly into your eyes when you speak and is a very good listener. Creampuff enjoys people and will happily share a space with you whether you’re working at your desk or sitting on a soft couch. She isn’t a talker but her affectionate leg rubs and nudges say it all. Creampuff also has a playful side to get ready to have some fun.

Creampuff does have some special needs. She requires prescription food and some medication to keep her system in good health. She’s a good eater and finishes her food with the medicine mixed in without a fuss. Creampuff has refined tastes and prefers crystal litter. She does have specific litter box habits that are easily managed. If you’re still reading along to find out more about this loving cat, please contact us and take the time to meet her. You won’t be disappointed.

If you want to meet Creampuff or any of the other lovable pets at Pet Rescue in Harrison, you can learn more about the adoption and foster processes by email (nypetrescue@gmail.com) or phone ((914)-835-3332). The shelter is located at 7 Harrison Avenue in Harrison. You can also volunteer at the shelter. 


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