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LETTER: Pyongyang & the Detestable Milton School “Bells”

In a letter to MyRye.com, Hewlett Avenue resident David Vogler says that loud bells from Milton School are making his Milton Point neighborhood “feel like we’re living under state rule in Pyongyang.”

Read the letter and take a listen.

Hello My Rye,

I’m writing in hopes you can help enlighten me on an obnoxious new development in our formally peaceful Rye community.

I’m referring of course to the detestable Milton School “bells” that are loudly broadcast each morning and afternoon.

The entire neighborhood from Milton Road to Forest Avenue is subjected to these obnoxious “chimes” rudely blasted at ear-shattering volume from the Milton School building. It’s intrusive and unwarranted.

Worse, it’s making our neighborhood feel like we’re living under state rule in Pyongyang.

Why did they start this? And why wasn’t the neighborhood informed in advance?

Are my Rye tax dollars funding this aggravation? If so, I want my money back.

David Vogler
Hewlett Avenue


  1. When you are deported to work camp, limited to 500 calories per day, and subject to execution by an anti-aircraft gun, get back to me


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