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Resident: No Time Wasted Searching for “Hidden Hydrant”: Letter

MyRye.com received this reader letter from Anthony Lombardo of Hillside place regarding our article on the Hidden Fire Hydrant:

The article published about the "hidden fire hydrant" on Hillside place is misleading and incorrect. 1st of all the picture posted of the hydrant covered by Hydrangea is NOT the same fire hydrant as the picture below (in question).

The hydrant in question is on my property… I was out in the street before the police and firemen arrived on scene. I immediately pointed out exactly where the hydrant was as soon as the firemen got off the truck. Absolutely no time was wasted searching for the hydrant, nor was the hydrant hidden.

The bushes did need a trim (they tend to grow rather quickly during the summer. BUT the hydrant absolutely was not hidden in any way.

PS: After looking closely, this picture of the fire hydrant was taken "before" I trimmed the bushes back even further.


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